Yellow Pollen Friday

Reading: I’ve been reading Microscope and a magazine of short stories that I got from the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. Turns out the BSSC’s super-hero identity is a tutoring and writing center for kids.

Planning: Some fun gaming to be had this weekend and trying to keep the pollen out of my nose and eyeballs.

Writing: In a haze of Zyrtec-D, I didn’t do shit this weekend but come home from work and collapse into coma-like naps.

And you?

3 thoughts on “Yellow Pollen Friday

  1. My wife’s got terrible allergies this time of year, too. Sorry to hear about yours.

    R: Programming stuff.
    P: Weekend with the family!
    W: Plonking along on some interactive fiction.

  2. Reading: Nothing special- rereading Idries Shahs’ Way of the Sufis and Lacuna.

    Planning: Hanging out with friends. Helping run a poetry night for youth. Busy busy weekend.

    Writing: Fiddling with rpg stuff. Nothing specific.

  3. Reading: Bookhounds of London for Trail of Cthulhu and A Madness of Angels, by Kate Griffith. Enjoying the first, slogging through the second, and unsure if I will finish it.

    Planning: Apartment cleaning, coordinating estate stuff with lawyers.

    Writing: PBEM moves, my zine for Alarums & Excursions #429.

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