New Mobu City: Beards, Beers and a Bullet

BW Forum Post:

Started with Cormac at the brewery and Silk came for a visit. I like the alien, kind of stilted way spiders can talk. He was trying to convey that the numbers of spiders was about to double.


“More, Cormac…8 to 16. More.”


“8 to 16.”


Silk was dipping his webbing in the nog he was served, sucking it off of the webs. He stumbled out and Cormac tried to get in touch with the dwarven councilor. Failed.

Well, you know the pubs he frequents and you go to one after another and by the time you find him, in a ritzy pub talking to a table full of dwarven graybeards and longbeards, you are sloppy, sloppy drunk.

They started to talk and I asked him to make a health roll, ob 3. He failed, so he vomited right there.

An odd start to an odd game night. In my last foray into MoBu City I had noir to provide tropes and sign-posts. This time around I’m just not sure what media is anything like what we’re doing here. Its just odd and I like it.

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