Cyberpunk 2020: Trauma Team

“Activated Trauma Team Insurance Cards show up on the holographic map of the Northeast Sprawl.  Johnny Silverhand is over-dosing in his penthouse.  An as-yet-unidentified insurance card-holder is bleeding out downtown, pinned down by some of Morgan Blackhand’s merc buddies.  Meanwhile, an Arasaka upper-middle-manager is having a minor heart attack, no big deal but he’s asking for help taking his shot of nano-stent as he nor his concubine can find any usable veins.  The heart-attack suit is a double-black card holder, so he moves to the top of the queue.  Let’s move, Trauma Team.”

From this SG thread:

The part I remember is the insurance you could buy. The highest-end insurance meant that an armored hover-bulance would find you and get you the fuck outta dodge and to the ER for where the finest trauma surgeons awaited.

Shit, I wanted a game about the ambulance teams, fuck everything else. Shit, I still want that game. Maybe with lego-made hover-bulances and city-scapes, med evac-ing asshole rock-stars who are in the middle of a domestic and/or corporate CEO’s who are being targeted for a high end assassination when they punch their insurance card.

Might have to play that concept with Technoir (kickstarter, playtest doc, SG thread), write up a Transmission for the Northeast Sprawl, the U.S. mega-city that has occurred as New York City, Albany, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and Washington D.C. have merged into one pulsing urban tumor.

I wouldn’t want Trauma Team Inc. to be this neat and tidy employer but the business to have been bought out and is being sold in pieces hither and yon.  The team has to decide to stick with their shift-mates and maybe buy-out their ambulance-ship or make their own way.

I really like the character concepts this could bring to the table.  Former military medics, armed-to-the-teeth-security-guards, a daredevil pilot and so on.  Working stiff mercenary EMT’s doing their best with a bad situation, with a medical system that is beyond broken, in a flying medical support vehicle that can save most any life and stop any bullet if its in the right place at the right time.

That said, I still want to build the ambulance-ship out of lego’s and I’d want some city-morph tiles with which to make up places where the trauma goes down.

14 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2020: Trauma Team

  1. Shadowrun Missions sourcebook (7325, Second Edition I believe) has an adventure with a DocWagon team and some insight on how to run them. I imagine it involves long division and about eighty dice. Have fun, GMs.

  2. I’ve been wanting to do exactly this with Shadowrun for about 20 years – but fell out of love hard with the SR system around about then.

    I’d been planning to look at whether to support the Technoir kickstarter tonight. If it can do this for me, then hell yes it has my money…


  3. Look to the current situation with competitive air ambulance companies in big American MSA’s right now for inspiration. It is a cut-throat business in which pilots routinely cut corners and fly in iffy weather and occasionally crash spectacularly.

  4. Dibs on playing the wide-eyed idealist nurse who gets into this to actually help people and whose soul is crushed day by day by the realities of the world and the business.

    (You know, kinda like what I’m gonna be facing in real life…)

    But with cyberware!

  5. a friend of mine actually did a series of working folks mini-campaigns for CP2020. like a police station, trauma team and news-hounds.

  6. I would love this the most. For extra flavour, alternate game sessions (or scenes) between the field team who just want to save lives with the board of directors who are scrambling to make a profit — and taking on less and less reputable jobs and cutting corners to do so. Heck, in Technoir, you could even have the board as a recurring threat.

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