DC #1: My Pitches

The news has hit the internet with the force of a thousand Krpytonians running full tilt into a thousand Themyscrians while riding Hawkmen with Oan Power Rings in the 4th World.

DC is hitting the re-set button and every comic will start again at #1.

Here’s a pitchlist:

Justice Society of America: The WWII super-heroes are old and their kids are taking over with lots of All-Star Squadron WWII flashbacks but wait, there are some wars in between there.  Let’s have this be the generational book, where we can see where the American super-heroes who fought in Korea, Vietnam and the ones fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This is a book about generations wearing capes and masks and the wars that have scarred them.

Batman Incorporated: Yeah, its different, we’re at Batman #1 but the idea is still great.  So Wayne find out that his family has been funding vigilantes for decades, ever since they got to Gotham City.  They made it secret when the Grim Reaper turned out to be a bad apple but still, Batman has a network of international super-vigilantes to lead/learn from/build/recruit/help.

Detective Comics: One case per issue and it doesn’t have to be Batman, let’s tap into the DCU’s other detectives: Detective Chimp, Elongated Man, Martian Manhunter, The Question, Black Canary, Jim Corrigan, etc.

Suicide Squad: An anti-heroic mix of heroes and villains doing black ops for Amanda Waller.

Martian Manhunter: He just got here and he’s out in the world, trying to figure out what happened to his people on Mars and trying to find some people he can trust with his secret.  White Martians v. Green Martians racial animousity, lots of toys from the DCU’s galactic toy box from Thanagar to Space Cabbie.

Azrael: Yes, there still is a monk vigilante living in Gotham City.  His order has had a monk in G.C. since its founding.  The comic is about Gotham’s own vigilante historian, uncovering the lost cape and cowl history of the city from the Crimson Avenger to Batman.  Its part super-hero two-fisted action and part Streets of New York with religion tossed in the mix.

Blood of the Demon: Jason Blood leads a changing team of DC’s mystic crew including Blue Devil, Zatanna, the Spectre, John Constantine and the Swamp Thing through the long shadows and dark alleys of the DCU.

How about you?  What do you want to see among those 52 first issues?

11 thoughts on “DC #1: My Pitches

  1. Screw the other DCU detectives. My pitch would be to basically bring back GPD in the guise of Detective Comics. Make it moody. Make it noir…

    Isn’t your Suicide Squad pitch just, well, Suicide Squad?

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    • I saw. Your Omega Men gives me the tingles. I love the idea of the gritty Firelfy-end of the DCU’s cosmic stuff.

      After I get over my initial nerdrage knee-jerk, I really like your Dr. Fate.

      Thanks, its neat to see your ideas.

  3. I want to see the New Gods back in their own book that takes place on their own Earth never interacting with the DCU.

  4. Doom Patrol (of course): There are existential threats to the planet that transcend what traditional superheroes are equipped to face. The stranger the danger, the more we need the Doom Patrol. Last week they headed off Ragnarok (again, that old chestnut); today, they’re combating the memetic idea-virus alien invasion that nobody knows is happening; tomorrow, they finish their 10-year-long-in-reverse battle with the Time Titan (and thereby ensure that the DCU reboot is able to happen as it should, rather than spiraling into the timeline-unraveling chaos the Titan will have been setting up). Headed by a “reskinned” (a la Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury) Niles Calder, don’tchaknow.

  5. I read one of the Doom Patrol reboots right up until they rerebooted it right out from under me for no apparent reason.

    Screw you, DC.

      • Hm, sorry. Didn’t mean to come across like a troll. I don’t have anything personal against DC. Most of Marvel’s stuff doesn’t appeal to me either. I pick up the occasional Marvel or DC book when something strikes my interest, I don’t boycott them or anything.

        My points were merely, in order: 1) There is no superhero shaped void in my comics reading portfolio at the moment, and 2) Why the hell did they need to reboot a book twice in one year? Which goes right along with my “Why the hell did they need to yank a good team off a book I was reading after six months?”

        That’s one of the major reasons why I mostly stick with creator owned work. Although it doesn’t always help- if the creator gets bored, you’re just as boned (I’m looking at you, Sam Kieth, and you too Mark Oakley. Oh and you, Phil Foglio.)

        Anyway, I’ve read and enjoyed stuff from the big companies. Didn’t mean to come over all bashy.

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