A beautiful Friday

The weather out there is beautiful.  Cool but sunny, the kind of weather made for making out in a hammock and taking long naps with the windows wide open.

Reading:  I hope to finish up Embassytown this weekend.  I’d have finished it sooner but I’m trying to figure out how to situate myself for reading in bed with my sciatic nerve sending flashes of pain down my right leg.

Planning: This weekend I am going to hit yoga on Saturday and Sunday.  We see what is happening in the apocalyptic Hudson River Valley on Saturday and return to the O’Declan Brewing Company on Sunday evening.

Writing: Re-writing the resume for several promising jobs, tinkering with a Troll Matron chapter that I cannot make work and outlining a few other game-y things.

And you?

One thought on “A beautiful Friday

  1. Reading: Just finished Catherynne Valente’s Habitation of the Blessed, which is quite good, and finished Connie Willis’s Blackout / All Clear, with which I Have Issues. I’ve started Ian McDonald’s Dervish House, one of the two novels I have left to read before I can honorably vote on the Hugo for Best Novel, and I just got Sharon Shinn’s Troubled Waters, which I read for the Mythopoeic Society committee for the adult award. Once have read those two and N. K. Jemisin’s Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (also for the Hugo), I get to read Mira Grant’s (who is really Seanan McGuire’s) Deadline, the sequel to Feed. Feed is up for the Hugo, and I know that I’m already biased toward it, and if I read Deadline, that will increase the bias in an uncool way, as the question is not “Does the series kick the ass of the competition?” but “Does Feed kick the ass of the competition?”

    Planning: Getting stuff together for lawyers for my parents’ estates. Cleaning the apartment. Going to a friend’s housewarming. Job hunting. Prepping for three conventions in short order — Origins, Contata, and DexCon. Watching the new X-Men movie, and watching some of the stuff up for the Best Dramatic Presentation (long form) Hugo.

    Writing: Currently, emails, game posts, my zine for Alarums & Excursions. I need to get some larp writing done, as well as some posts on the books I’ve been reading. Also, Josh and I need to be rehearsing for our concert at Confluence in July.

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