More DC #1 Pitches

Because more hit me on the ride home:

On Infinite Earths: In which Harbringer and the Monitor traverse the worlds, elseworlds and beyond (as in Batman Beyond), gathering asylum seekers from various realities while trying to find the Anti-Monitor and the Weaponeers of Qward in this new reality of first issues.

Dial H for A group of New York City teens can turn into super-heroes via their magical smart phones.  Yes, the phones are linked to a mysterious web site called  The site will really exist, allowing for fans to submit their own super-heroes that the characters could turn into in the book.

Its a comic book about growing up in the Information Age.  It is important that these NYC teens won’t look like Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Flash Thompson.  All kids from Queens don’t look like that…c’mon now.

Blue Beetle:  Dan Garrett, an aging adventurer, Ted Kord, an up-and-coming inventor and Jaime Reyes, a teenager in over his head are all changed forever when they come into contact with the scarab, an alien artifact with amazing powers.  This is a comic book about different kinds of heroism, what heroes do with their power and  traditional/non-traditional families with tons of beetle-shaped vehicles, blue energy blasts and flashbacks to Dan Garrett’s bullet-proof pulpy days.

This is Blue Beetle as inspired by James Robinson’s Starman, a generational look at what it means to don the blue and fight evil.

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