The Batgirl Dilemma: To Kill a Joke or Not to Kill a Joke

From the DC Women Kicking Ass tumblr:

Berganza: Right. The ones that really impacted people, like Death in the Family and Killing Joke. The ones that even people outside regular comic readers know. People know something happened to Barbara Gordon, that the Joker shot her. That counts.

But then Gail Simone says:

But now, everything has changed. If nearly everyone in the DCU, not just Batgirl but almost everyone, is now at a much earlier stage in their career, then my main objection no longer applies, because we are seeing Barbara at an earlier starting point.

I’m thinking that Keith and Daniel are right and that comics should be published in arcs, get rid of numbering, get rid of canon and continuity and just concentrate on telling cool stories with your IP.

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One thought on “The Batgirl Dilemma: To Kill a Joke or Not to Kill a Joke

  1. I agree with Keith and Daniel, Judd. I was a pretty devoted collector in the nineties, to the extent that I could afford it, but after it became painfully apparent that both the Big Two were going to do a Huge Summer Crossover Event every goddamn year, I lost interest for the most part.

    Since then I’ve pretty much restricted myself to collected trades of arcs or limited series or individual issues only of a particular author’s run on a book. Comics could get me back in the fold by offering short run stories (I’m thinking 6-12 issues) by the same writing/art team. No continuity tie-ins, though guest appearances by Spidey/Bats/whoever the kids think is cool these days/the All-Star Rainbow Lantern Brigade are permissible exceptions, within limits.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about aspects of the DC reboot, but I suspect that they are still not aiming to cater to me directly. I wouldn’t expect them to anyway.

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