Recent Cool Moments in Comics

Captain Britain and the MI13 #10: In which Dr. Doom and Dracula talk on the moon.

Most of the moments I dig are strange little human moments, like when the X-Men would play softball but this one wins on sheer crazy super-villain action.  Dr. Doom and Dracula meet on the moon near the Apollo landing.  It is a smart way to introduce a villain to the series because honestly, Dr. Doom is the villain that all other comic book Big Bad super-villains are compared to.

I liked that Dracula was an anti-Muslim racist and I liked that Doom found his racism to be repugnant.  Good stuff.


Secret Six #34: In which Bane goes on a date and talks about how much breaking Batman’s back meant to him.

Yeah, Bane’s on a date, talking about what’s important to him.  By the end of Bane’s speech, I found myself really feeling for the guy, the big luchadore lug who broke Batman’s back.  Wait.  What?!  This makes no sense.  How am I rooting for him?  Simone pulls it off.  She carves out a neat little piece of the DCU with B and C-list villains who get together to bring on some anti-heroic action.  I picked up a bunch of DC comics  and this was the only one that I’d even consider picking up again.

If this comic was sold at the local Wegman’s, it’d be the book I pick up with my groceries every once in a while.


Avengers Academy #9: The Avengers Academy is probably the best thing (only good thing?) to come out of Marvel’s Civil War summer crossover mess but I’m a sucker for troubled teens with super-powers.  These kids were effed over but good by Norman Osborne, and on one hand the Avengers are training them to be the future of super-heroics and on the other hand, they are making sure that these abused kids don’t become super-villains.

Finesse has photographic reflexes much like Taskmaster and wonders if he’s her dad.  She tracks him down.  They fight with really nice trash talking and homages to the great brawlers, martial artists and street fighters of the Marvel Universe.

Then Taskmaster walks away.  When she asks why she fought him he doesn’t say, “Because its a comic book, silly.”  He talks about how his mind is filled with all of these fighting moves and his ability to recall names and faces is fading fast.  By fighting her, he’d be sure to remember her.

It was this poignant moment between a girl in a mask and tights and a guy with a skull for a face in a giant hooded cloak.

Good stuff.

Anything in particular been moving you in your weekly pull list lately?

2 thoughts on “Recent Cool Moments in Comics

  1. “By the end of Bane’s speech, I found myself really feeling for the guy, the big luchadore lug who broke Batman’s back. Wait. What?! This makes no sense. How am I rooting for him?”

    Maybe Bane met Animal Man and learned that he was created solely as a cheap stunt/clumsy anti-drug message and was the worst thing in one of the worst Batman movies ever.

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