Librarian Friday

Reading: Still reading The Vaults.  It is a fast read, with short, punchy chapters but I’m stalling because my foot got caught on my lamp’s wire and I broke the light bulb.  The only other light is a glaring overhead light that I don’t want to use to read before bed, so my words per week crawls.

Planning: A trip to NYC to visit friends in from abroad and the lady-friend.

Writing: Cover letters…and so far they suck.

And you?

6 thoughts on “Librarian Friday

  1. reading: The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

    planning: my cousin and uncle are visiting the bay area as part of their road trip/my girlfriend’s birthday at the end of the month/running some Mouse Guard or a board game for some friends I haven’t seen for a while

    writing: actually more or less crafting a On Mighty Thews boxed set/I should be putting up my first post for a new cinema site though

  2. Reading: Rereading “The Tangle Box” because I’m rereading the whole Landover series having learned there’s a newish one I haven’t read, an Werewolf the Forsaken book called “Blasphemies”, and Bloodshot, by Cherie Priest.

    Planning: planning really hasn’t worked out for me today, as we booked a trip for the wrong weekend, so I’m planning nothing for the moment.

    writing: a paper for the class I took an incomplete in, and my part of a group project.

  3. Ech. Cover letters. Good luck my friend.

    R: Still the C++ Programmer’s Guide to the Standard Template Library. Gripping (for me).

    P: A whole week of vacation. Cleaning, programming, maybe finally getting my old computer talking to the network (so I can use Google Docs from my ancient machine while the wife does her mom scheduling).

    W: Campaign snippets. Roguelike plans. We’ll see what else.

  4. Sympathy on the lamp and the cover letters! We managed to break our lamp’s lamp shade thingy a few months back, and discovered that naked bulbs aren’t much fun. (Josh has since performed destructive surgery on a tupperware bowl that now makes an astonishingly good screen.)

    Reading: Microcscope, but also Alastair Reynold’s novella, Troika. This year, I am hoping to vote on Hugos for Best Novel, Best Novella, Best Graphic Novel, and Best Short Story. Maybe I can even get Best Novelette in there. Hugo Voter Packet + Nook = Win!

    Planning: OMG, helping run a convention this week, off to DexCon next, doing a concert at Confluence 2 weeks after that, and trying to deal with job hunting, house cleaning, and estate administratrixing. And, we are having the “do we do GenCon at the last minute like crazy loons?” discussion.

    Writing: Email, transcribing notes from Intercon K and Origins.

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