“Drink O’Declan’s!”

From this thread on the BW forum:

Cormac goes to the pair of towers in Dead-god that the spiders are renting, using money loaned to them by Nolan. The towers are now covered in webbing and it is a destination for people out on their evening walks. Up to about five feet high on the towers there is no web because children often run up and grab a piece of web and run away with their sticky prize.

Cormac tethers his goat, Erasmus, to a nearby fence and a great spider puts a lariat loop around him, pulling him up the tower to see his friend, Silk. People stop and watch as he ascends. Cormac looks out over the crowd, gives the thumbs up, “Hello everyone… Drink O’Declan’s!”

It was a Fate rewarding Game Stopper.

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