Not as Hot Friday

Reading: I’m picking at short stories.  Read the first of the Northwest Smith stories, picking at the Rookbridge story I got with Coronets but Never Crowns (also, reading Coronets but Never Crowns) and finishing up the Dunk and Egg story I began in Georgia.

Planning: Oh captain, my Captain America this weekend, some Crossfit on Saturday.

Writing: Resumes and cover letters continue; its been a good week for that.

And you?

4 thoughts on “Not as Hot Friday

  1. Reading Still working on Bridge of Birds and enjoying it immensely. Also, some fanfic on DA.

    Planning Doing up some Cap. Visiting with Canadians. Getting ready to Celebrate my birthday.

    Writing Reviving a short story for DA that I didn’t finish.

  2. Reading: Kindle is set to Witches Brew, when sitting at computer I’ve been rereading Exiles on my Marvel Unlimited account, physical book is Dance with Dragons, but I’ve only just begun that.

    Planning: to stay cool. Captain America tomorrow. Homework.

    Writing: Homeworks, mostly.

  3. Reading: Just finisihed Bookhounds of London. Started companion volume, Occult Guide to London, and Kate Griffiith’s The Midnight Mayor.

    Planning: We are at Confluence and have a concert in 12 hours. Sleep, eat, rehearse, perform.

    Writing: PBEM moves, to do lists.

  4. Totally late to the party here.

    Reading: Poe’s Heart and the Mountain Climber. It’s a book about anxiety and the anxious culture we live in. Not the greatest read ever, but it works. After this I’ll be reading my copy of Alice in Wonderland. It’s an incredibly old copy, probably from the 1940s.

    Planning: Social life stuff. Going for drinks, webcaming in for our MLwM game on Thursday, blogging about it Friday, and making sure that SO is ready to be sent out by the end of the week.

    Writing: Continually tweaking the PDF for SO, updated the blog this morning, and soon may be gently reminding maintenance for my apartment building that the buzzer is still broken. As it has been for a couple of months.

    As it’s a new week, do you have any fun goings-on?

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