Tangled Webs and Spilled Beer

Death of a Handmaiden:

World-breaker has 7 legs, a big under-nester who is on the outs since she destroyed a world, rendering it useless for the Matron Mother. By attempting to weaken the world through political manipulation, she precipitated an arcane apocalypse, causing a lush gem to become a sand-swept husk. Her political machinations were unusually subtle for the Matron’s forces and was a revolutionary method for an army known for swarming over walls and surprising/eating its enemies.

“Your failure on Athas still burns in the Matron’s heart, World-Breaker.”


The Many Failures of the O.B.C.:

I can’t tell you how many times this happened last night:

  1. Failed roll but there are some 6’s.
  2. They blow a Fate Artha
  3. Get a little closer.
  4. Comes down to one more die to roll.
  5. Nope, failed.

One thought on “Tangled Webs and Spilled Beer

  1. Squee!

    Some really good stuff in here- I love that you used the spiders! Any chance you have their stats lying around somewhere for me to drool over? I’d love forward to seeing how God-Eater flushes out in play- interesting concept behind her.

    I’ve been itching to play with spiders since an arc I had devised around a spider cult ended up being so incredibly slow-burn that the spiders were only actually seen a couple of times. The rest of their actions were pulling the strings (no pun intended) off-screen. (We did end up with half the city crumbling into the burning maze of tunnels created by the spiders living below, so I count the arc as a win.)

    Regarding failures: Man, I hear ya. Sometimes the traitors, they run rampant.

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