Summer’s-moving-too-fast Friday

Reading: I’m picking at C.L. Moore’s Northwest Smith stories.  Its funny, the first two stories are so much about fear of scary women, written by a woman.  I dunno.

After IMing with Paul Czege, he mentioned a book with a cool fantasy city, so I went and picked up, Nights of Villjamur by Mark Charan Newton.

Planning: Off to NYC for a dinner-party shindig with the lady-friend’s buddies from work.

Writing/Creating:  Cover letters keep on keepin’ on but an outline of some older stories has really become clear in my notepad.  Its past time to write this shit down.

And you?

16 thoughts on “Summer’s-moving-too-fast Friday

  1. Reading: just finished “The Forever War” and am heading back to finish van Vogt’s “The World of Null A”.

    Planning: an extremely relaxing weekend.

    Writing/Creating: Hollowpoint PDF and a “skin” for it that makes the game do “Starship Troopers” and related.

  2. Reading: Picking up a couple of books back and forth in my spare time. Alice in Wonderland, Poe’s Heart and the Mountain Climber, and I’m trying to decide which Herman Hesse book to read.

    Planning: Immediately, trying to get last night’s MLwM session onto the blog. After that, potentially First Friday tonight (all of the art galleries in Old City have showings) , social engagements tomorrow, and a trip to the mall to play Social Observance with friends on Sunday.

    Writing/Creating:I’m taking a break after finishing the official PDF for SO. I’ll be picking up a couple of card-based games soon that have been on my creative back burner. One is a game that is centered around character creation and the other (Transient) is about life as a homeless person.

      • SO is Social Observance- basically a story-telling game based on people watching. I’m sending out free PDFs and “cheat cards” to use in play.

        Our MLwM session will be up in just a moment- it wasn’t particularly intense, perhaps due in part to a couple of the players having not gamed in multiple years. Do you have a record of your game? I’d be interested to see more AP.

  3. Reading: (actually rereading) The Big Sleep. Bret suggested that Marlowe is a bit of a Mary Sue, but I informed him that his face is a bit of a Mary Sue.

    Planning: Austra at the Bowery Ballroom!

    Writing/Creating: Doing a few pen and ink washes this weekend after getting a terrible itch from looking at some Tim Sale pieces.

  4. Reading: Dance with Dragons is my “while babysitting read”. So its going slow.

    Planning: screencast for my class.

    Writing: Jotting down notes for a story that occurred to me the other day about the civil war and superheroes.

  5. Reading: Nothing specific right now. Between books.
    Planning: Playing more Apocalypse World this weekend. Putting together a silat study guide- sort of a 1-2-3 set up of things to work on and share with other folks.
    Writing: Sci-fi rpg! Got some ideas, now I need to put together some pre-gens to play and nail down some reward stuff.

  6. Reading: Nicholas Ostler’s “Empires of the Word”, a pretty cool history of world languages. I’ve also got a short story collection called (I swear) “The Mammoth Book of Mindblowing SF” on my bedside table. It’s also pretty good.

    Planning: Possible music festival tonight, parties tomorrow, Elizabeth to the airport on Sunday. Might have to get some sleep in there somewhere.

    Writing: Python code, badly.

    And I’ll happily put in another good word for “Finch”. Terrific, strange book.

  7. “Shambleau” is remarkable for its time because the hero doesn’t escape unscathed and can’t promise to be properly steely jawed.

    Reading: Stealing Cthulhu.

    Planning: GenCon Saturday. Nuff said.

    Writing: Mostly lists.

  8. Hey Judd,

    You don’t know me, and this is completely off-topic 🙂 but I didn’t know where else to put it. I apologise if you’re tired of this question or have answered it a million times. or if I should have gone someplace else.


    Is there anyway or anywhere to find the old episodes of the Sons of Kryos podcast? Everything I try dead-ends on me.

    I really enjoyed the show back when you guys were making it. It made me and the group try out games and techniques we would have never otherwise heard about. The way we play now is more fun and rewarding, basically, because of your show, and I’d really like to hear it again, if at all possible.

    If not, I’ll just have to sit down and remember.

    – Kristian

    • Hey Kristian,

      Honestly, whenever anyone asks about the Sons of Kryos, I’m honored.

      One of the things I have on my list of things to do is get a SoK site up and running again. I thought I had the episodes saved and it turned out that I did not, so I’m going to have to go ask Jeff for a copy of everything and that could take some time. My man’s busy right now, as Julie just gave birth to a baby girl.

      But once its up again, I’ll announce it here and on twitter.

      Thanks again for your interest and its-a-comin’ (which, to be fair, I’ve been saying for a few years now but now that grad school is over, I mean it for reals).


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