Returning to Waterdeep, the City of Splendors

My buddy Jay would communicate his jealousy concerning our Forgotten Realms games, so when he told me he was going to visit, I suggested we set up a one-on-one Burning Wheel game set in the Realms.  We’re brainstorming ideas, something to do with the criminal under-belly of Waterdeep and a noble family known for blackmail or as Jay said to me via IM:

I think lowtown has the feel that I was thinking for this. Less tragic drug dealerey more tired aging man trying to juggle his obligation to the lord he works for and his worry about the effect of the power vacuum on the streets.

Yes, BW will do that just fine.  I can’t wait, honestly surprised at how much I miss the Sword Coast.

I want my burned up Realmsish NPC’s and monsters all in one easy-to-find place, so here they are:

Xanathar, Beholder Crime Lord

In the sewers of Waterdeep is a Beholder Crime Lord by the name of Xanathar. He is building up a thieves’ guild bit by bit, as the former guild was driven south years ago.

He’s got a bookkeeper, a mercenary captain thug, a one-eyed dwarf and a drow spy as his crew. He’s a Tom Waits song written by Gary Gygax. He’s Keyser Soje with eye stalks.


Gnolls, heyena men who worship a demon-god of murder and blood

Heyena Men who worship a demon-god of murder and blood.


Khelben “Blackstaff”Arunsun

One of the PC’s has a relationship with him, another has a relationship with his wife and has written beliefs about how much he doesn’t like him. So its time to burn up the Archmage of Waterdeep (no, Elminster is the Sage of Shadowdale…wrong wizard). I am going by his description in the original gray boxed set and the supplement, Waterdeep and the North and tossing out any other history I could dig up because it just doesn’t interset me. Here’s what I am building off of:

  • Powerful Archmage
  • Masked Lord
  • Instrumental in keeping the Lord’s Alliance together
  • Forester and painter
  • Gravely Wise
  • Fully learned in the history, lore and traditions of magic as practiced by humans in the North since the rise from barbarism

Graz’zt, Demon Prince

I’m paraphrasing, here, “He was winning the war in the Abyss against Orcus and Demogorgon when he was summoned by a mighty magic-user and pulled to the prime material plane.”  Cool. That fits right into the game we’re in.

“Graz’zt is the handsomest of the demon rulers, at least by human standards. He appears as a huge, good-looking man, although his skin is shining black and his eyes are glowing green. Graz’zt is six fingered and six toed.”

The 3.0 Manual of the Planes is a nifty book. I especially like the 3-line descriptions of each plane:

“It is an infinity of clutching horror.
It is home to demons.
It is where morality crumbles and ethics perish.”

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