Friday on 8 hours of sleep

Last night was the first night this week I got a solid 8 hours of sleep.  Feels great.

Reading: I’m reading a few books on neanderthals and getting through Burning Wheel Gold.  Should neanderthal be capitalized?  I have a story idea and want to see if reading up on them will help flesh it all out.

Planning:  I’m off to visit family in the Green Mountains.  Looking forward to it.

Writing: Resumes and cover letters, still not finding the discipline, time nor energy for anything else at the moment.

And you?

6 thoughts on “Friday on 8 hours of sleep

  1. Robert J. Sawyer’s Hominid trilogy is pretty good. It postulates contact with a parallel Earth where Neanderthals supplanted Homo sapiens. The societal differences are interesting.

  2. Reading: Just finished The Essential Bordertown, which is the new Bordertown anthology. Currently reading the 3rd edition of Nobilis and wondering how it would strike someone who wasn’t already a) a fan of Nobilis (i.e., had read pink or white book edition or both) or b) a fan of Jenna’s writing.

    Planning: Various errands and trying to buckle down for hurricane.

    Writing: Emails, maybe write ups of conventions, games at conventions (Origins, DexCon, GenCon), panels at conventions (WorldCon).

  3. Reading: The novelization of the game, Ico. The world building and characters are really interesting, though the writing style is kind of dry – I’m trying to figure out if that’s a translation issue or what. Re-reading stuff on the I-ching.

    Planning: Apocalypse World gaming on Saturday. Last session had tons of bloody fallout, so this time should have some nice consequences. Resting up otherwise, I’m super tired this week.

    Exalted by way of Sorcerer online w/friends on Monday. Yay!

    Writing: Need to finish tinkering out my L5R/AW hack stuff on spells/magic.

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