[Apocalypse World] Just Outside the City: Five Years Later

From this thread over on Barfing Forth:

Dear Apocalypse Worlders,
Five years have gone by and the threat from the south never came, the remnants of the Five Points Empire collapsed like a flan in a cupboard.  New York City continues to eat itself in uncountable petty feuds.  The cannibals have crammed their way into the southern tip of the Garden.  Meanwhile the Hudson River Valley Compact has flourished and despite the harsh winter famines, commerce has blossomed and the roads were cleared.

There is a murmuring among the populace, some say it is time for elections and others say that democracy got them into the Big Mess in the first place.

Choose an NPC from your list.  You can choose to Hold them Tight or Set them Up.

Hold them Tight means you took them into your confidence and kept them with you during these past five years.  Roll ______________ to find out how that’s going.

Set them Up means you saw to them finding their own place and now they are in charge of some thing, place or organization in the area.  You can find that place on the map or you can explain what they are now in charge of.  Roll ______________ to find out how that’s going.

5 thoughts on “[Apocalypse World] Just Outside the City: Five Years Later

  1. great thread, but I was thinking more along the lines of using Pendragon rules (modified of course) to simulate epic civilization building effort in feudalized post-apocalyptic world.

    btw, you are completely right. I recently re-read Keith J Taylor’s semi-historical Arthurian fantasy series Bard and you have there roving bands of barbarians, abandoned Roman cities and villas and general mayhem.

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