Not-a-student Friday

I had this moment of palpable horror when I saw how many weeks the students were into the semester and I realized I had not done any work for my classes, only to come to fully realize that I am not in school anymore.

*sigh of relief*

Reading: I’m on to the second book of the Black Company and its good fun.  Its really a funky noir novel in sword drag but I can live with that.

Planning: AW tonight and seeing my lady-friend this weekend.

Writing/Creating: Hammering on my resume and cover letter after a trusted advisor gave me some solid feedback.

And you?

9 thoughts on “Not-a-student Friday

  1. Reading: Re-reading Idries Shah’s “The Sufis”. He likes to sneak really interesting stuff in his books that you overlook without multiple readings. Gonna take a first look at PTA3 for playtesting.

    Planning: Kung fu training, then silat training today! 1-2 new people should be showing up, which means starting from scratch on some drills. I’m looking forward to it.

    Our last(?) AW game before some folks move out of town. Then we have to reorganize and figure out a) who’s still around to play, b) what game, c) where to play (some of us live north-er, some of us live south-er).

    Writing: Nothing at the moment! Well, cover letters for job hunting.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I see the students at the university already taking their first exams and I go through the same cold-hot-cold flash, then I remember I’m off this semester. Next one, though.

    Reading: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Excellent series that shows that cyberpunk need not be in the dark future. Also Burning Wheel Gold.

    Planning: Quiet Shabbat and my wife’s birthday party on Sunday.

    Writing/Creating: Our Burning Realms game has me writing more fiction in 2 weeks than I’d done in months, which is great. Also plowing through my The Breakfast Club Lady Blackbird hack.

  3. I’ve read up to bk 5 of the Black Company series. Seem to remember bk’s 2+ being better than the first, which was a little disjointed at times. Very enjoyable military fantasy noir though, and an ideal BW setting.

    Reading: Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton, a sci-fi epic. Only a couple of chapters in and so far seems to be about trains, wormholes & a pair of mysterious distant Dyson Spheres that are made in an instant, it’s growing on me. Plus your Hal play-by-forum game which is great fun to follow.

    Planning: Last weekend with my in-laws before they head back to Australia, they stayed with us for 4 weeks after not seeing them for 4 years.

    Writing: Fronts & Threats for AW that’s due to continue on Monday.

      • It’s been great having the in-laws staying, but it will be nice to have the house back to ourselves again.

        Grey Legion looked a fun game & very Black Company-esque. Storn’s map isn’t on Flickr any more. Is it anywhere else?

        This is my first time with AW & my Fronts are only partially cooked at the moment. We’ve gone for a nomadic/journey set-up. I have:
        – Papa Duck’s people – Papa D is the leader of the people travelling with the characters
        – The Children of the Cactus God – the cult of the Hocus
        – Boulder’s Vengeance – Boulder is a psycho brute who led the hardhold (Chrysler City) that the characters fled from, taking most of his key people from him.
        – Wasteland Cannibals – led by an Eagle Shaman. When the Hocus (styled as a shaman with a Raven totem) first opened his brain he had a vision of a great, wounded, radioactive mutant eagle swooping down through an unkindness of Ravens, tearing them to pieces. He now wants to find & heal the Eagle…
        – The Journey – Front to cover the shit they’ll be coming across on their travels. e.g. once buried landfill sites that have erupted their contents, environmental threats, gang held locations containing resources they need.

  4. Reading: Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner. It kicks some serious ass. I’ll get around to some fiction soon. I’ll probably do the cliche thing and read some Lovecraft in October, for ‘ole times’ sake.

    Planning: A revival of our Lesbian Monster Hunters (that is, monster hunters who are lesbians) Dresden Files game!

    Writing/Creating: I promised a friend I would make him some abstract art, so I suppose I’ll be getting on that soon and whipping out my super fine tip happy markers that make pretty lines. Sometime soon I may chat up some friends on the best way to produce a card game, seeing as how I have zero experience with this.

  5. Reading: Finished Borderlands and Nobilis 3rd ed, so I’m reading Seanan McGuire’s One Salt Sea.

    Planning: Party tomorrow. Updating netbook OS with Josh’s help tonight. It’s working while we do other things. Trying to wrap up parents’ estates. Trying to figure out the best way to get several boxes (like more than 50) of books out of storage and to folks who will read them, preferably not for utterly free or a loss. Cleaning — I have now put all of my digest sized RPGs onto actual shelves. Computer back ups.

    Writing / Creating: Email, character rough drafts for larp Vu to a Kill for Intercon L.

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