When’s Friday? Wait, what? What day is it?

Reading: I’m still half-heartedly reading Unclean by Robert Lee Byers, which is a Forgotten Realms novel set in Thay but then Christa Faust’s new novel arrived, Choke Hold and its difficult to read anything other than that right now.

Planning: Looking at a packed weekend in NYC.

Writing: Still writing my thing.  This morning I got out of bed, did my old thing of re-setting the alarm and lying to myself, saying that I’d wake up later and do it or write after work and got back into bed, where I sat there for a few minutes, got motivated, got up and did the writing.  Go me.

The most important thing I can do most nights is have some kind of outline so when I wake up I have an attack plan.

It is getting towards time to print this thing out and start putting a first round of red ink on it.  Characters’ names have changed and other tidbits are all a big mess but its a mess that is down in a word doc, rather than notes or another world rattling around in my head.

And you?

One thought on “When’s Friday? Wait, what? What day is it?

  1. Outlining in advance is really, really useful.

    Reading: The Amaranthine RPG, which is fun, and not what I ought to be reading. I ought to be rereading Trail of Cthulhu and Dragon in the Smoke, but I want to read some mroe of Amaranthine first.

    Planning: Possibly going back to Comic Con tomorrow. We shall see. Running Kerberos Club, Fate Edition on Monday (which is why I should re-read / translate Dragon in the Smoke, a Victoriana supplement). Playtesting part of Eternal Lies for Trail of Cthulhu on Tuesday (which is why I should re-read ToC). Doing final edits for Tales of the Sleepless City for Miskatonic River Press, a lovely set of Call of Cthulhu scenarios set in 1920s NYC. Going to Ohio Valley Filk Festival with Josh on Thursday, returning the following Monday. Working on my parents’ estates. Progress is being made there.

    Writing: Emails for my pbem game and for a friend’s X-Men pbem game. Notes and comments on the Eternal Lies playtest material and the MRP manuscript. Notes for Kerberos Club run.

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