An Autumn Lull

Our Dungeon World game is smacking its head on scheduling difficulties.  There’s something about the way the hack-n-slash, Defense and Avoid Danger movies bang against each other that vexes me and I can’t quite put my finger on what.  That combined with an XP system that is running lukewarm and I’m ambivalent about the game’s fate.  Maybe we’ll pick up something else that will catch fire, maybe we’ll stick with this and light it on fire or maybe we’ll all shake hands and figure out other ways to spend our Thursday nights.

The Apocalypse World set in the Hudson River Valley is happening once a month or so, if that.  My weekend schedule is hobbling that game, to be perfectly honest and that’s fine, my weekend traveling to see the lady-friend is far and away the priority and my buddies know that and understand.

The play-by-post game is going well.  Daniel and I have hit a more reasonable pace and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.  In a way, that game (along with a bunch of other personal things) reminded me how much I love writing and got me back to the keyboard in a disciplined manner.

The gaming table reflects the gamer’s life, I reckon.  I’m in-between things, not quite here and not quite there.  This isn’t one of those posts lamenting a slow gaming schedule.  I’m enjoying it, actually.  I’m fighting my usual instinct to quickly toss another game right onto the pile to fill a night of the week.

“Take it easy, Judd.  Get your car back, get back in the gym.  Keep writing.  And very carefully fill those time slots while getting resumes out and checking off tasks that align with goals that align with passions.”

How’s your autumn going?

One thought on “An Autumn Lull

  1. I’ve got a 9-session Apocalypse World game that’s getting close to wrapping up. Could have the last session this week, or maybe next. It’s been good, but I’m ready to move on to something fresh. I’ve been eyeing Dungeon World but I think I’d want to hack it (Planescape? Wormwood? some kind of weird fantasy) rather than play it straight.

    I’ve been inspired by the you + Storn 2-player posts, so I’ve been talking with John about maybe doing something similar here. I threw out a Burroughs-inspired “spy & planet” concept where NASA drops a secret Apollo astronaut on the inhabited dark side of the moon, hoping to beat the Russians, but we haven’t gotten together to really set anything up yet.

    I think I want to get back to doing some single-session, playtest & experimental games, but scheduling that is hard. The best night is Thursday at Ben Robbin’s SG meetup, but that’s when Hannah has soccer games, so I tend to have to stay at home with the dog. Might have to leave that for local meetups and cons.

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