Friday, also day 17 of the 5 in the morning writing

Reading: I just finished Choke Hold and will probably pick up Richard K. Morgan’s new one, Cold Commands this weekend some time from the friendly neighborhood book store.

Planning: This weekend is about the things I couldn’t do when I was without a car: food shopping at Wegman’s, cleaning out said car and not related to the car but…more resumes and cover letters out.  I helped my roommate get a cover letter together and it gave me a much needed shot in the arm.

A touch football game is brewing on Sunday and I might just do that too.

Writing: 17 days into writing somewhere between 750 to a thousand words a day and it feels pretty damned good.  This morning I could really feel the pull of the Sleep Devil on my shoulder, telling me to go back to sleep, to write when I got home from work and not worry about it but I got up, brushed my teeth and got to it.

I’ve printed out what I have written so far and started to make notes for the re-write and arranging other unfinished projects for when this one is done.

And you?

8 thoughts on “Friday, also day 17 of the 5 in the morning writing

  1. Screw you and your youthful energy. ;^)

    On Saturday I’m carting two bins of maps and miniatures and 4/5ths of my rpg group from Seattle down to Olympia for an epic chapter of our Savage Worlds Slipstream game. There will be arena combat, rocketship battles, boarding actions and a prison break.

    So… looking forward to it!

  2. Reading: 4-Hour Body off and on, but The Warrior-Prophet was just put on reserve for me at the library, so. . . .

    Planning: Not much. Beer (whiskey for me) and billiards downtown tonight as my bday present for a friend. Had my first regular mandolin lesson last night (wooo!). Otherwise, trying to make this weekend a quiet one, filled with unpacking. Oh, and I’ll be toddler-distracting while my friends try to finish some home renovations.

    Writing: Nothin’, sadly. I really really need to finish off Realm Guard, though. Damn thing keeps hounding me and the truly sad thing is that it’s 98% done. I just want to add Nature ratings for specific regions (Mirkwood, the Ettenmoors, Barrow Downs, etc.) with suggestions for associated failure twists.

  3. You’ll have to let me know how “The Cold Commands” turns out to be. I thought “The Steel Remains” was a little bit of a let-down, but I’m still curious.

    Reading: Just finished Charlie Stross’s “The Fuller Memorandum”, the latest in his series of Lovecraftian occult spy novels. It was all right. I’m plugging through a book on the history of bare-knuckle prize fighting in America, too, which has it’s moments, but isn’t as much fun as I was hoping.

    Planning: Many experiments. Got to work all weekend again, unfortunately.

    Writing/Creating: Not a lot. I’m taking a short course on teaching, and they’re having us write a syllabus for a class we might someday teach, so that’s been interesting.

      • Stross’s novels, in order:

        The Atrocity Archive
        The Jennifer Morgue
        The Fuller Memorandum

        These are the Laundry novels, and Cubicle 7 did The Laundry RPG, quite compatible with Call of Cthulhu, with Stross doing a one page intro as if his characters were discussing the RPG, which is delightful.

      • Oh, yes. You really do need to track those down. They’re great.

        Eventually I expect I’ll be teaching some sort of microbiology or biochemistry classes, but the syllabus I’m writing is for a Microbial Metabolism course. It’s an interesting exercise. There’s a lot to keep track of.

  4. Reading: Amaranthine RPG and playtest materials for Trail of Cthulhu’s Eternal Lies.

    Planning: We are the Ohio Valley Filk Festival. Planning to go to some concerts and to the banquet tomorrow and find out who won the various Pegasus awards for excellence in filk. (Tough choice for best filk. I think I’m rooting for Die Puppen, which got a fine English language performance and is one scary, scary song. This year’s categories are Best Romantic Song and Best Bad Ass Song.)

    Writing: Transcribing my notes from various WorldCon panels, and theoretically prepping for various gaming. Also, some emails, as I am now not only running my own pbem, but also playing Colossus in Brian Rogers’ GMs Don’t Write Fan Fiction, They Run Games pbem.

  5. Hi,

    Apologies for the off-topic comment, but I couldn’t find a contact email for you.

    I’ve recently put out an ebook of my writing, called ‘The New Death and others’. It’s mostly short stories, with some obvious gamer-interest material. For example I have a story inspired by OD&D elves, as well as poems which retell Robert E Howard’s King Kull story ‘The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune’ and HP Lovecraft’s ‘Under the Pyramids’.

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a review on your blog.

    If so, please let me know your email, and what file format is easiest for you, and I’ll send you a free copy. You can email me ( or reply to this thread.

    You can download a sample from Smashwords:

    I’ll also link to your review from my blog.


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