Crisp, clear, winter Friday

Reading: I got a few fantasy novels out of the library and can’t seem to get into any of them.  I think its time to grab a book off of the shelf that I have been neglecting, maybe Mary Gentle.

Planning: Going to make up a Wednesday work-out tonight and watch the fights on Saturday.  Clean my car, get some resumes out, re-charge my batteries and hit November running.

Writing:  I’ve hit the end of my first outline and need to hash out a second one, get the second third of this thing on paper.

And you?

4 thoughts on “Crisp, clear, winter Friday

  1. Reading: Sapphique, The much anticipated sequel to Incarceron. Young adult fiction is really kicking ass lately and I’m already 100 pages in after only having it a day.

    Planning: Either a trip down to Dryden to get the rest of my stuff and see my peeps or a trip out to my sister’s in F-ville and then hit a haunted house with the kiddlies.

    Writing: Fluff for DeviantArt.

    • YA tends to be pretty damned awesome and tends not to be pale imitations of Martin and Tolkien like the fantasy I’ve tried lately.

      I will not be at the Halloween festivities but will be down the road watching UFC fights on Saturday night. Drop me a text or an e-mail if you want to get in touch.

  2. Reading: Playtest material for Eternal Lies, Kerberos Club Fate Edition rules as I try to internalize them for making NPCs more quickly. I finished Amaranthine, which I also want to play.

    Planning: Just got home from memorial party for recently deceased person I knew and a lot of my friends knew better, and have discovered I have a tanj’d cold. Trying to knock it out before Metatopia. Also, lawyer stuff and game prep stuff, and celebrating Halloween.

    Writing: Commentary on playtest material, my zine for Alarums & Excursions, various gaming emails.

    • I’ve been eyeing the Kerberos Club Fate Edition. Good?

      Also, anything you could tell me about Amaranthine would be great. I’ve heard little bits here and there but don’t really know jack about it.

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