Last Friday in November that won’t be busy.

November filled up in a hurry and I’m convinced this will be a good thing.  This month is going to rock.

Reading:  I started Child of Fire, the first in the 20 Palaces novels by Harry Connoly and its almost got me for the duration, 40 pages in.  I’ll give it a few more.  C’mon, I want to love you.

Planning: I’ve been really disciplined about the writing but I have not been disciplined about the re-writing and revision.  I need to look over my red ink and start re-writing a bit.  I also crave that kind of bird’s eye view over what I have written already that a solid reading over will give me.

Writing: Still chipping away at the fantasy novel, between 750 and 1000 or so words a day for the past 30 days straight.

The blog had a dormant week but I didn’t game this week.  Some weeks its on, some weeks its off.  I reckon the RSS feed isn’t going to go sour.  Next week we’re testing my con scenario for the Burning Apocalypse con, in which outcast adventurers (a heretic, a rogue wizard, a thief with a price on his head and a bastard knight) come back to the city with a dragon’s hoard to throw around.

Also worth noting, Hal Whitewyrm ran across a Tarrasque on the streets of Myth Drannor.

And you?

3 thoughts on “Last Friday in November that won’t be busy.

  1. Reading: Co reading The Codex Alera series and Debt: The First 5000 years.

    Planning: To update my resume, how to balance my obligations.

    Writing: Writing: My Nanowrimo project. 7000 words so far!

  2. Reading: Eternal Lies playtest material, Dark Aeons in ebook form. I do have Child of Fire on the shelf. Well, in a stack on the floor.

    Planning: Metatopia, housecleaning, parents’ estate stuff, job hunting

    Writing: Game write ups, game moves, transcribing WorldCon panel notes

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