Some interesting Friday links

Robot Viking talks about the Neverwinter Campaign Setting

So to get you all caught up, there was a magical cataclysm and the city of Neverwinter is all wrecked now. A guy from Waterdeep showed up and is working to rebuild the city, but it’s still a mess.

Here’s where things get interesting.

Meet Egil and Nix from The Hammer and the Blade

“Perhaps one of the zombies struck the sense from your head?  Can I open it?  I?  Am I not a peerless gilt? You may as well ask can a whore hump, or can a wizard dissemble.  These are things intrinsic to their nature.  Can I open it?  Hmph.”

“There you are,” said Egil, ignoring Nix’s tirade.  He brandished a sliver of bloody stone he’d plucked from a small gash in his left thigh and squinted up at Nix, brown eyes all innocence.  “You were saying something about a wizard humping locks?”

The Once and Future Way to Run

We were once the greatest endurance runners on earth. We didn’t have fangs, claws, strength or speed, but the springiness of our legs and our unrivaled ability to cool our bodies by sweating rather than panting enabled humans to chase prey until it dropped from heat exhaustion. Some speculate that collaboration on such hunts led to language, then shared technology.

The New Midlist Writers

At the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego I had someone say to me, “Look, no offense intended, but you’re a midlist author, and you’ve made that work for you.” The remark was made in the context of a discussion of digital publishing. The speaker’s point was that midlist authors, if they are going to survive, are going to make a transition into being either purely independent authors, or some hybrid where they have some traditional contracts and do indie publishing on the side.

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