Slug Friday

Early November had a 50 day writing streak and a feeling that I was on my way to changing the hard-wiring of my brain to become one of those pod people who gets things done in the morning.  Some late work shifts and the holidays undid all of that and here I am, welcoming the morning as a miserable, curmudgeonly bastard.

But, as Janaki said, I know that I can do it and its easier to get back to it rather than start from scratch.

Reading:  Still trudging through Anathem and also picked up from the nightstand This Book is Overdue! How Librarians and Cybriarians can save us all.

Planning: This will be my first normal weekend at home in three weeks, so its going to be about cleaning, resumes and getting my sleep schedule set.  Sexy!

It looks like Apocalypse World will be a go on Saturday, which is nice.

Writing: Started to put red ink on the ole wizard story and seeing places where it needs to be tightened up but I sacrificed the time I’d usually be writing for re-writing, which was a dreadful error.  I need to get on both and when in doubt, just keep writing and re-write later.

And you?

7 thoughts on “Slug Friday

  1. Reading: Three quarters of the way through Paolo Bacigalupi’s “The Windup Girl”, which is brilliant. Highly recommended.

    Planning: Trying to figure out how many experiments I can squeeze in before heading home for the holidays. (And trying not to freak out too much about meeting Elizabeth’s parents…)

    Writing: I wish I had more to write about! All of the data I trust is already written up…

  2. You do realize that you make that sound like November has 50 days it, right?

    Just checking.

    Reading: Just finished “The Pillars of Heaven” which was surprising good, very engaging, and quick read in spite of it being 900 pages long.

    Planning: Absolutely nothing.

    Writing: See Planning:.

    Fairly quiet here in the land where I slowly go insane.

  3. Reading: Harry Turtledove’s “The Breath of God”. I’m guessing this is one of a series, but which one I don’t know. Bought it cheap to read on the drive to Ohio. Got what I paid for.

    Planning: An article on the primi of House Verditius, from the founder down the the current leader. Also would like to run an all House Diedne game and am working on what that would look like.

    Writing: Non-Disclosure Agreement so I can’t say. I’m lucky to get paid to write. I don’t get paid well or a lot, but I’m grateful all the same. Writing for a game that I love is pretty cool beans.

  4. Reading: Just finished Profane Miracles, an Esoterrorist scenario that fits surprisingly well into my vague plans for the first arc of the Kerberos Fate game I’m running. Currently reading the Leverage RPG and the timeline section of Ghosts of Albion (finally in Dead Tree Version!) as it covers the early part of the century that Kerberos Club doesn’t have too many details on. Also reading various websites with info on Victorian names and marriage customs and the British Museum and learning about the guy who was its de facto head and then its head, who was on the run from Italy, started what’s our ISBN number system, and was generally a fascinating sounding guy.

    Planning: Early to bed so we can get cracking on our larp writing tomorrow.

    Writing: Notes for Monday’s Kerberos Fate session. Still not happy with my draft of a review for the second Borderlands anthology. There’s stuff I’m not quite sure how to put into words and am not sure I’m correct about anyway.

  5. I like the idea of the Friday posts – may have to try and do something similar.

    For the record, although I love Stephenson, I haven’t managed to read Anathem. I’ve picked it up and started reading twice now, and both times got bogged down and gave up. I think it’s at least partly because of the made up words – there are too many, and a lot are a little too close to words that already exist and are yet completely unrelated.

    I read for relaxation, and Anathem is a little too much like hard work.

    That said:
    Reading: Dance with Dragons. After waiting forever for it to come out, I kind of lost my enthusiasm. it’s been sitting next to my bed now for over a month, and I need to get reading.

    Planning: Apps, Apps, Apps! I need to get writing some useful apps. No real idea what yet – I could do a simple dice roller, but that seems like the sort of thing that’s probably already there at a decent level of quality. I’d like to write a game, but I know that I’m really not good enough at Java yet. Any ideas?

    Writing: I want to write, but need inspiration. So nothing at present.

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