Suddenly it was Friday and the semester was done.

I have no idea where this semester went.  I’m glad I wasn’t in school because it all went by in an eye-blink.

Reading: Almost halfway through Anathem and I’m hooked but its slow going.  It feels like the damned book is just getting started.  I love it but its a long journey.

Planning: Our AW game might be on tonight.  UFC 140 on Saturday night.  Go Jones!

Writing: I fell off my 5 AM routine and that makes me sad.  Time to get back on it.

And you?

6 thoughts on “Suddenly it was Friday and the semester was done.

  1. I listened to the Anathem audiobook, which was split into like 6, six-hour files. By about halfway into the second one, I decided to start the first one over again because by that time I understood enough to follow the earlier action.

  2. Reading: I just finished “Free: The Future of a Radical Price.” Pretty good read, but not all that astonishing or revealing. Picking up Reamde this afternoon. (Still truckin’ through “Warrior-Prophet,” also…)

    Planning: A statement of work, and some invoice and contract templates.

    Writing: Nothin’, sadly, other than the above-mentioned work-related stuff that I’ll be muddling through this weekend.

  3. Patrick, good call with Warrior-Prophet. Stick with it. Towards the end someone has a vision of somebody bad, and that vision is my favorite moment in the whole glorious series.

    Reading: OSR blogs. Super impressed by the imagination of Zak S. from D&D with porn stars, although my brain doesn’t like something about his internet collages.

    Planning: My stoner/slacker character lost his soul a little while ago and an ancient Fey monster-king is now wearing him like a coat. I’m basically playing the monster-king now, manipulating my fellow PCs. Players know what happened, so it’s really fun being insanely manipulative but whenever someone starts catching on I turn up the ‘Dude, where’s my car?’

    Writing: Sidereal, which is my New Crobuzon / Sigil. The Revolution is even more dangerous than Queen Amethyst and her 7 demonic husbands.

  4. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Ry. I’m loving the Prince of Nothing series. It’s just that Warrior-Prophet is a long one. 🙂 These books are the most in-depth fantasy novels I’ve ever read. Incredible characters, truly epic events, etc. Makes most other fantasy seem hollow, unfortunately.

    • I know what you mean about the hollow, but I was feeling that a while before I found the Prince of Nothing. When I found it, I felt like I’d been waiting for it.

  5. Reading: Finished Little Girl Lost for Esoterrorists. Back to Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior. I want to read The Freedom Maze, next, I think — it’s competing with a lot of other stuff, but enthusiasm is renewed by hearing Delia Sherman read from it. I’m listening to Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint audiobook, if very slowly.

    Planning: Tomorrow, dealing with parentestate stuff, trying to get in walking exercise with bribe to self of listening to more of Swordspoint audiobook. Wednesday, hoping to set up gaming in the afternoon before NYRSF meeting in the evening. Thursday and Friday, hoping to catch up on game prep, house cleaning, and paperwork, and maybe do some larp prep — this weekend, we’re setting aside a lot of time for larp prep.

    Writing: Two more rough drafts of PCs for one of our larps! Various notes on the larps, and R-mappy things. PBEM moves.

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