2012’s Friday

Reading:  The Hobbit trailer and talking about the book with Pete when he was reading it to his kids inspired me to re-read the Hobbit for the first time in a decade or two.

Planning: This weekend will be resumes, poker, the gym, cleaning the room, and assessing boxes f books.

Writing: I started writing an obnoxious short story about going back in time in order to stop a trio of friends from getting into marriages that the future-friend knows end in poisonous divorces.  Its about as awful as it sounds, more like exorcising a stupid demon than like actually writing something.

And you?


P.S. I’m listening to Bret talk about The Final Girl over on the Nerdaverse podcast while I post this up.  I was living with Bret while he was developing the game and got to playtest it.  If you like horror movies or fun, check it out.

2 thoughts on “2012’s Friday

  1. Reading: A few things. I got a Kindle so I’m going through like 4-5 books at the same time. Though primarily I’m reading Bloodsucking Fiends by Christopher Moore. Oh, and Nursing books.

    Planning: To sleep in this Shabbat, the go to the Japanese gardens on Sunday for Oshogatsu, the new year’s celebration. Also, studying.

    Writing: Interestingly enough, I started outlining and writing bits of my next novel, which is all about 3 married couples that go through some shit (one stays together, two don’t). I’ve a few things to say about what it takes to be married, and this novel’s it.

  2. Reading: I just finished reading Steven Johnson’s The Ghost Map, about the work of John Snow and Henry Whitehead during and after the cholera outbreak on Broad Street in the 1850s, very well written, and the current issue of Alarums & Excursions, #436. Debating between the redacted edition of Night’s Black Agents or something from the fiction queue, whether electronic, like Under the Poppy, which took the Gaylactic Spectrum Award this year, or hard copy, like… oh, any of the novels or anthologies clamoring for attention.

    Planning: Lunch with a friend, and NYRSF meeting tomorrow, prepping for Arisia Thursday, going to Arisia and to a memorial service on Friday, and staying at the con until Monday.

    Writing: My zine for Alarums & Excursions #437, hopefully to be finished before Arisia, and telling myself I need to get cracking on second / third drafts for Vu to a Kill, one of the two larps we need to have ready to run by the beginning of March, when Intercon L is.

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