Story Games asks, “What are you itching to play?”

The thread:


I have this zany idea for a Lacuna play-by-post game that I might have to try at some point.

I’d like to play Technoir, fall in love enough to write up 9 transmissions for the cyberpunk solar system, vaguely inspired by the Takeshi Kovacs books.

I’d like to play the new Marvel Super Heroes RPG, because FASERIP was my first RPG jam and it’d be neat to play a game if they came out with a Mutant Massacre supplement. The first issue of the Mutant Massacre was my first X-Men comic right about at the time that Rob introduced me to role-playing games via Marvel’s RPG at the time.

I’d like to play Dogs in the Vineyard through 12 towns linked to holidays in the 12 months.

I know a few ladies who I think would really dig In a Wicked Age.

I continue to have the urge to play a nice long arc of Shock: Social Science Fiction and gather those scraps of paper minutae and turn them into a full on World Bible.

I’d like to write and play an Apocalypse World hack.

And you?

4 thoughts on “Story Games asks, “What are you itching to play?”

  1. Amaranthine. Definitely Amaranthine.
    Smallville. Working on making that happen.
    Call of Cthulhu, always. Something Gumshoe-y with an expert running it.– I’d love to play Night’s Black Agents.
    A polished version of 1st Quest, if it should come into existence. Just saying.
    Apocalypse World, with someone who knows what they’re doing running it, for at least the magical number of sessions.
    Grim War with Greg Stolze running it. Heck, just about anything with Greg running it.
    Unhallowed Metropolis!
    Buckaroo Banzai, which isn’t out yet, I know.
    Changeling: The Lost, also the Victorian supplement, which isn’t out yet.
    Always / Never / Now
    The Demolished Ones
    World Made Flesh
    You know, Don’t Rest Your Head is another one I’m always up for.
    Stuff I don’t yet know I’m going to like because it’s not out yet.
    Stuff I’m too sleepy to search for on my shelf.

  2. Hey, Judd!

    Keep me in mind if you ever get that Lacuna game up and going. Ditto for Freemarket if you decide to do it virtually in any way.

    As for me, I’m just itching to play, although Blowback has been taking up some thought cycles for a while, and I would like to give an OSR game a shot one of these days.

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