Reading, Planning, Writing: I’m dreaming of a white Friday.

Reading: Still poking at Anathem, like broccoli on my plate and reading Packing for Mars.  Just ordered Honeybee Democracy and Never Knew Another from the friendly neighborhood book store.

Planning:  Weekend with the lady-friend.

Writing: Brainstorming a gonzo sci-fi idea with an artist friend, talking with another about a comics pitch and trying to find my re-entry point on my wizard novel.

And you?

3 thoughts on “Reading, Planning, Writing: I’m dreaming of a white Friday.

  1. Judd,

    You might wanna consider audiobooking Anathem. I found it very difficult, and listened to the first two six hour files, then went back to the first one and was able to grok the whole thing. It was a tough experience, but worthwhile in the end.

  2. Reading: Finished reading all of 2nd edition Victoriana (interesting how dated some of the system / gming advice is, and this is a fairly recent game), slowly working my way through the Havering Adventures, planning to run the first as Kerberos Fate, with modifications of the plot.

    Planning: Recovering from what we think is scabies. Had to cancel a group creation session for Smallville, between the scabies and the general concrud we seem to have caught at Arisia (aka the Great Northeast Winter Germ-swap). Coordinating on larp writing plans. Hopefully, picking up most of the laundry tonight.

    Writing: Catching up on email right now. Was too out of things yesterday to boot up a computer.

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