Reading, Writing, Planning: Winter’s Mud Friday

Reading: I’m reading Never Knew Another by J.M. McDermott and Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley.  They’re both great reads.  Never Knew Another really has me in its grasp right now, should be finished after the weekend is over.

Planning: Going to figure out a place to watch the UFC fights this weekend on Fox and send out some resumes.

Writing: Working on a few things with a couple of friends but nothing I can talk about just yet.  Other than that, just cover letters and a blog post about ven holidays that I might get up later today.

And you?

7 thoughts on “Reading, Writing, Planning: Winter’s Mud Friday

  1. Reading: Bringing down the house , neat book about MIT students taking Vegas at blackjack. It’s odd in that it’s a narrative instead of being a recounting.

    Planning: Going for an interview today and we’ll see where that brings me. Other than that getting more fitness in my life.

    Writing: Trying to scale back my gaming and get it right focusing on form instead of quantity. Making some notes but not really beating on anything except for my weekly AW game.

  2. Tom Seeley is teaching in the auditorium I manage this term. He is a nice guy.

    I’m reading Robert Low’s “The Whale Road”, and Harold Lamb’s “Cossack Tales, Vol. 1” is on tap.

    Editing a short story I wrote that will end up on my Metropollywog blog.

    Planning this Saturday’s gamma world game. (Not much to plan, really, it is the intro adventure from the rule book.)

  3. Reading: “Terminal World”, but I can’t get too excited about it. There’s too much setting, and too many characters I just don’t give a hoot about. Also, lots of papers about toxic aldehydes.

    Planning: A beer with my ladyfriend, and punching expensive scientific equipment right in the transistors. (One of these will actually happen…)

    Writing: Same damn paper as all year. Making tables of gene expression data today…

    Good luck with the resumés! Who do you like in this weekends fights?

    • I really don’t know. Will Phil Davis rise to the level of his competition and join the elite of the 205 pound division? Can Sonnen take Bispig down before getting knocked out?

      I really don’t know.

      If I had to guess, I’d say that Evans by decision and I’d go out on a limb and choose Bispig by submission.

      Your thoughts?

      • I agree. I think Sonnen is going to win but sometimes its fun to pick a longshot.

        Also, honestly, I think Sonnen vs. Silva is far more interesting than Bispig. I’m not sure The Count would have much worth doing in a cage vs. the Spider.

  4. Reading: Currently splitting my time between Book of the Smoke for Trail of Cthulhu, which has lots of cool things I might steal for my Kerberos Fate game, and The Thackery R. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, ditto. Rereading “Dead Man’s Hand” from Victoriana’s The Havering Adventures for next Monday’s session of Kerberos Fate. Recently finished Black Butler, vol. 8, which is exactly the kind of disturbing I like in my manga; Kathe Koja’s Under the Poppy, which took the Gaylactic Spectrum; S/lay w/me, which packs a lot into a small space; and Hell Fire for Trail of Cthulhu. I also read the latest .5 Unwritten issue, which has some interesting gender issues that I don’t know whether the author considered or not.

    Planning: Larp overdrive until we run the two larps at Intercon L in March. Continuing not to eat just to eat. Cleaning, job hunting, and trying to meet with a bookdealer who can help with a certain, ah, excess.

    Writing: I put up my second book review on Logophile and got my first non-spam comment. I finished a draft of reviews of Kickstarter / IndieGoGo presentations (not the products themselves), as I was noticing what was working and what wasn’t. I may want to add a generalization or two (Rhetorically asking “Why another RPG?” seriously lowers the odds that the presentation will get me to part with my dough.) Third drafts of Vue to a Kill larp PCs, as well as whatever non-PC bits of the larp come to mind that I can just bang out.

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