Super Bowl Friday

Hi mom (my mom reads this every week).

Had a good week.  I didn’t make it to the gym as often as I would have liked but work beckoned and I had to answer.  That is okay, unlike punk outs when I go home and nap or some bullshit.

Reading: Just finished Never Knew Another and loved it.  I’m eager to pick up the second novel.  I’ll dig deeper into Honeybee Democracy this weekend.

Planning:  Lady-friend is visiting, so that will be nice.  Anthony’s 40th birthday, might put off the UFC event this weekend until Sunday and watch that instead of or before the Super Bowl.  I’m not sure.

Writing: I’ve been hammering on this one cover letter all week.

7 thoughts on “Super Bowl Friday

  1. Hello Judd’s mum!

    Reading: “The Evolutionary Void” by Peter F Hamilton. Final book in his Void trilogy and it’s a very fine space opera romp with 1500 year old humans, ultra high technology and an expanding void, thousands of light years in size at the centre of the galaxy where the inhabitants can shape things with their minds but it’s powered by consuming the universe outside it… Brilliant series, highly recommended.

    Planning: Gymnastics lesson for my eldest. Family gathering to celebrate the birthdays of my good lady wife, mum & sister. MC prep for Apocalypse World on Monday. It’s a nomadic setting and the hard holder the players have been running from since the game began (we’re ~10 sessions in) has finally caught up with them, along with his nuclear powered battle tank and horde of nasties…

    Writing: More BW Gold Online Character Burner coding. It’s getting there, slowly but surely.

      • Some stand out AW moments:
        – Jackal the Hocus (leader of the Children of the Cactus God cult +barter(food/hallucinogens) +augury(shamanic communing) +party(drug fueled orgies)) and Morrell the Savvyhead were naked, high on a mountainside & about to get down to some ritualistic sex (augury) when the Hocus botches the roll. So Jackal has a bad trip and thinks Morrell is Boulder, the big bad that they’re running from. Jackal pulls a gun and starts shooting at the naked Savvyhead…
        – Morrell’s workshop, an RV pulling a large trailer of spare parts, has +LifeSupport. Upon gaining his 6th advance, Morrell’s player decided to introduce Chaplain aka M101, Morrell’s work of art Universal Soldier creation (Gunlugger). The freezer compartment at the back of the RV opens and M101 sits up, health status showing on a read out on his forehead. He appeared just in time as the characters were mid battle with the Yellow Dragon Cultists, worshippers of a load of heavy earth moving equipment, diggers & bulldozers the characters wanted to steal.
        – In Landfillistan (a community built up around a landfill site), the wife of Papa Duck (NPC leader of the characters convoy) was about to be devoured by the landfill beast. Out of mercy Jackal shot her and that evening Jackal opened her mind, aced the roll, saw the spirit of Papa Ducks wife and let her posess Jackal for one last night of passion with Papa Duck.
        – They break into a highway tunnel under a mountain that’s been blocked by a rock avalanche. Inside they find a harmless batshit crazy old Oriental man, trapped in the tunnel aged 14 or so back when the Apocalypse happened & the lone survivor…
        – Lots of awesome interactions between the PCs.
        I’m lucky to have 4 brilliant players who will roleplay their characters to the hilt.

  2. Reading: Almost done with Book of the Smoke for Trail of Cthulhu.

    Planning: Larp overdrive until we run the two larps at Intercon L in March. Just finished a once over of a particularly tricky character in the amnesia game, and going to wash the shower curtain, then do another wack at it. Continuing not to eat just to eat. Cleaning, job hunting, and trying to meet with a bookdealer who can help with a certain, ah, excess. Planning Kerberos Fate for Monday, checking in with dermatologist to see if my scabies is All Gone on Tuesday, and if so, trying to character generation session for Smallville.

    Writing: Third drafts of Vue to a Kill larp PCs, as well as whatever non-PC bits of the larp come to mind that I can just bang out. Notes for Kerberos Fate session. Possibly transcribing my notes for the last panel I attended at WorldCon in Reno.

      • I like it and am getting better at running it.
        Sometimes, this is despite the text, which could use better organization — I created a spreadsheet to make finding things easier.
        Victoriana is saving my ass because there are no published adventures for Kerberos Club that I know of for the early century, and only one I know of (the one in the book) for later, which can’t be backdated. Yes, the aspects and the ways the players push are really helpful, but I find I want to go into any session with at least one plot in my back pocket, whether I pull it out or not.

        Larp writing went well, but if we’d known three months or more back that it was effectively a writing team of three, not four or five, we would have tried to bring someone else aboard. Games run beginning of March and all three of us have reason for needing the games to be defacto DONE a week before the last minute.

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