Another sunny winter day Friday

Reading: Honeybee Democracy is still in my bag but I haven’t been reading it.  By the time I get home from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, eat dinner, work on cover letters, I tend to collapse.  Most nights I’ve been falling asleep on the couch with a job description on my lap and a kitten on my shoulder.

Picked up Batwoman #6, Brian Wood’s Conan #1 and the new Powers.  Good stuff.

Planning:  Off to NYC to see the lady-friend.  We’re going to an archery range!  Very cool.

Going to take a phone call or e-mail for a job interview…now…maybe now.  Now?  Waiting.

I haven’t been gaming lately, so the blog is rather dormant but I have a few undeveloped posts in the queue, so I’ll get those out in the coming gaming-dry weeks.

Writing: Got a proposal thing to a friend but don’t want to talk about it yet.  Have to work on a thing for another friend but its a long, slow burn as we are both busy.  Sorry to be vague.  I’m putting the wizard novel down until I get situated in NYC.

Hi, mom.

And how are you all doing?

7 thoughts on “Another sunny winter day Friday

  1. Reading: Republic, Lost

    Planning: A visit from the girlfriend’s folks and maybe an old friend. Got a midnight show at the theatre to manage.

    Writing: Slowly, but steadily getting my notes for The Dread Squad ready for a playtest document.

  2. Oh I’ve been looking forward to that new Conan series – Brian wood is pretty sharp but especially because that art is just mind blowing. Never had heard of her before but the preview art, wow

  3. Finished the second season of HBO’s ROME. Wrapping up week three (of eighteen) of my marathon prep. And heading down to LA for a con that looks to be made of awesome.

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