Sleep Cycle Mussed Friday

Reading: Kettlebell RX and Honeybee Democracy are in my bag but this week I managed to just pick through the new Marvel Heroic Role Playing Game.  This had led to me looking at different Marvel tidbits on wikipedia, like the Secret Wars (Battleworld? the Beyonder? wow, it kinda sucked, didn’t it?  I started reading comics just after SWII), the Invaders and the Blazing Skull.

Planning: Heading out to Dreamation after work tomorrow as long as my tires are alright.  Long story, should be fine.

Writing: Wrote a doozy of a cover letter this week.  Dropped everything to work on it and it just took everything out of me to send it out.  Other than that, the new Marvel RPG has is on my brain, leading me to write things like this on Bret’s G+ thread wherein he made Ghost Rider:

Not for nothin’ but…Johnny Blaze would be an awesome Sorcerer Supreme. And Anointing a new Sorcerer Supreme would be an awesome Event.

Excelsior Highway: In which Johnny Blaze wanders the dusty side-roads of the Marvel Universe, dealing with the arcane beasts far from the glitter of Baxter Building and Stark Enterprises. These are the back alleys where Nightmare runs rampant, the crossroads where Mephisto waits and the midwestern towns left to pick up the pieces after being smashed by a Hulk.

And you?

4 thoughts on “Sleep Cycle Mussed Friday

  1. Reading: The Quantum Universe by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. Very interesting intro to quantum theory. Also loving the Marvel Heroic RPG PDF. Looking forward to playing it at some point as the whole plot point / die roll / doom pool interactions look very elegant and full of juicy options at every roll. I remember the original Secret Wars series, probably have a lot of the comics boxed up in the loft. It’s the stuff in the last 10-15 years I’ve missed!

    Planning: Star Wars Ep 1 3D at the flicks on Sunday with my eldest & his cousin; re-building my mum’s laptop; reading up how to play Space Empires: 4X for a first play this Monday; and a much needed haircut. Have fun at Dreamation!

    Writing: Trying to squeeze some time in to work on the new Traits panel for the online BW burner…

  2. Reading: Just finished the latest issue of Alarums & Excursions and a reread of the first five volumes of the Cain / Godchild manga. Also read my character sheet for Folding the River at Intercon L next week and told the GMs I love them. Will need to reread rules and worldstuff so that I know what kind of dress my character’s likely to wear. Got a few options.

    Planning: Dreamation game tomorrow, then more larpwork. It’s a tight larpcrunch this time around.

    Writing: 4th drafts of Vu to a Kill amnesia larp PCs. Have 4 more out of 22 to go. That larp runs Saturday next. The other larp runs the following day.

  3. So, did you get to Dreamation?

    I discovered that, yes, I could be disciplined enough to work on the larp at Dreamation, and I likely got more work done by going to the con than I would’ve by not doing so.

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