Marvel Heroic Role Playing: Marvel Milestones

One of the things that might be difficult for folks who want to create their own characters is tying them to the Marvel universe.

Here are a few character Milestones that try to do just that by attaching Milestones (Milestoning?) to iconic Marvel motivations.

“Welcome to the X-Men, hope you survive the experience.”

1 – For asking if you are now a member of the X-men.

3 – For taking stress in an Action Scene alongside an X-man.

10 – For either being inducted as a full fledged member of an X-team or walking away from X-folk forever.

Once a criminal, now an Avenger

1 – When you verbally defend your right to be among the world’s best super-heroes.

3 – When you give Emotional stress to a hero who doubts you.

10 – When you  prove yourself by during an Trauma in an Event or leaving the Avengers (for a while).

Humans are puzzling.

1 – When you misunderstand something basic about humanity that is funny or odd.

3 – When you cause someone stress because of your inhuman ways.

10 – When you make a big step towards integrating into human life or go the other way and become even more alien and incomprehensible.


1 – When you admit that mutants make you nervous.

3 – When you tell a mutant that they should surrender some of their rights in order to make those around them more comfortable.

10 – When you either get over your bigotry or become a die-hard anti-mutant advocate.

Former Herald of Galactus

1 – When you recount a detail of a world you helped Galactus consume.

3 – When you take stress defending your adopted home against a cosmic threat.

5 – When you either repent and realize the wrongs you have done or go back to Galactus and serve His infinite hunger once more.

The Punisher is right.

1 – When you announce that a villain deserves to die by your hand.

3 – When you arm a friend with a lethal weapon.

10 – When you either kill a villain in cold blood or realize the error of your ways and allow them to live (even if that is in jail).


NOTE: Chris has some great examples of mutant milestones in the comments, worth taking a look.

20 thoughts on “Marvel Heroic Role Playing: Marvel Milestones

  1. Somebody had a lovely (and slightly tongue in cheek) set for Deadpool on Twitter, and I’d give credit if twitter search wasn’t terrible, but it was basically.

    1 – WHen you make another player laugh
    3 – When you make the whole table burst out laughing
    10 – When you make the whole table agree you are NEVER ALLOWED TO PLAY DEADPOOL EVER AGAIN.

  2. Excellent resource here Judd. These are perfect for tying original heroes into the setting. I’m liking “Humans are puzzling” and “The Punisher is right” the best so far.

    I also liked the Deadpool one Rob mentioned, although I thought the 1xp was more breaking the 4th wall: “1xp when Deadpool talks about MHR game mechanics in character.” That one made me smile.

  3. Milestones are my favorite part of the new game, and the most difficult. Thank you so much for providing excellent non-character-specific examples for new players and Watchers to look at and learn from.

  4. Days of Future Past

    1 XP – Whenever your methods upset or discomfort your allies of the present
    3 XP – When you tell another hero who they were in the future and what they meant to you
    10 XP – When you decisively prevent the future from coming to be (at least, in the foreseeable future!) or accept that it is destined to happen.


    1 XP – Whenever you oppose other mutants on behalf of the government
    3 XP – Whenever your motives are questioned or doubted by allies or mutants you are trying to help
    10 XP – When you decide to quit working for the government, or, capture a mutant you know to be innocent on government’s orders

    The Next Stage of Evolution

    1 XP – Whenever your appearance or powers alienates you from other people
    3 XP – Whenever you pick a side between both a human and a mutant you care about
    10 XP – When you are stripped of your powers and appear more human, or, granted new powers and appear less human and further mutated

  5. My technology, My responsibility

    1 XP – When you confront anyone who you suspect is using your technology and ask/force them to stop.
    3 XP – When your quest to remove technology from the hands of others leads to conflict with allies or loss of status
    10 XP – When you successfully remove your technology from use by outsiders or when you give up and accept that it’s not your responsibility for what people do with it.

    If we do nothing, they’ll all die

    1 XP – Whenever you save a few, or some, from death, for the time being.
    3 XP – When you sacrifice a friendship, a dream, a goal, or a hope, to instead save lives.
    10 XP – When you end the genocide, or the it ends because they’re all dead.

    Faithful Servant

    1 XP – When you follow your liege or master’s orders.
    3 XP – When you conflict with or disobey your liege or master’s orders for their own good.
    10 XP – When you either willingly walk away from your liege or master, or are cast out.

    A Family Affair
    1 XP – When you confront or conflict with an ally, lover or blood relative.
    3 XP – When you come to blows or violence with an ally, lover, or blood relative
    10 XP – When your allies, lovers, and relatives are no longer at odds, or, you go too far for your own morals and walk away in disgust.

    1 XP – When you take any action to help an ally who has now fallen into evil
    3 XP – When you aid your fallen ally, and prevent them from being harmed or captured, even though they still work for evil.
    10 XP – When you redeem them, give up on them, or join them.

  6. Good stuff, Chris.

    Hand Trained

    1- When you help plan out a ninja-like infiltration.

    3 – When you do stress to someone from the shadows!

    10 – When you either try to use your Hand-training for good and kill someone you see as evil or step out of the shadows in hopes of changing.

    Burned by S.H.I.E.L.D.

    1 – When you introduce yourself as your cover identity.

    3 – When you confide in someone, telling them who you really are.

    10 – When you either find your way back into Fury’s good graces or successfully fake your own death and are off of their radar forever.

  7. Here are a few for the Mutant Massacre, if I were to write it as an Event:

    1 – When you talk to a Mutant about what in the hells is going on.
    3 – When you descend into the Morlock Tunnels to confront trouble.
    10 – When you either unleash hell in an effort to end this atrocity or leave the tunnels so the Mutants can clean up their own mess.

    Sabretooth Versus…
    1 – When you talk trash to Sabretooth or talk about your long standing history of violence.
    3 – When you go into the Morlock tunnels alone because you are the best at what you do but what you do isn’t very nice.
    10 – When you either show Sabretooth mercy for a greater cause or kill the bastard once and for all.

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