Star-Cok of Power Trilogy: a satire

The following is satire inspired by a G+ conversation that was discussing this blog post, about the art direction surrounding this picture:

Listen, this is very serious. When the arch-druidess of the Cok Grove gently squeezes the startesticle of the Earth God, he sprays her with his star-seed so that he might bestow his blessing upon her. That is how the magic works in the kingdom of Sexistia. It isn’t sexist, it is just how the magic works.

The arch-druidess is a very powerful woman who kicks all kinds of ass which you would know if you read the books and didn’t just judge the picture without context. She’s powerful, I tell you! Arch-Druidess Cun’t spends many chapters bossing around men, including her faithful manservant, Savaj, the strong and honorable aboriginorc. Oh, please, let us not re-hash the Race Kerfluffle of last year; I’ve heard it all and my best friend is an orc and thinks Savaj is awesome. He even cosplays as him at Cok-cons.

Oh, you still think it sexist! Feminazi! Well the trilogies were written by a woman! Whatchoo got now!

Still insisting that this is sexist? You P.C. liberals are all alike.

I was introduced to the Star-Cok of Power Trilogies by my WIFE! Are you saying she’s sexist or some bullshit. I’ve checked, she’s a woman and I know it because she has given birth to all four of our kids, all girls, all of whom were raised with us reading the Star-Cok trilogy to them as kids and they turned out fine.

I’m sure I’ll be accused of man-splaining and told that there is no such thing as reverse discrimination, even though I was fired for being a man (well, for telling a girl who worked for me that she looked pretty but she should smile more which is what MEN do).

Sometimes one writes something in a comment and it has a life of its own. I wanted to preserve this one and also wanted to see what kind of online search terms will lead to this post.

Nerdy designs from all over the universe…

12 thoughts on “Star-Cok of Power Trilogy: a satire

    • If you took a deep swallow from the wisdom of the Star-seed, you would know the wisdom of Sexistia and I wouldn’t have to explain everything to you, like in book 7, when Cun’t guzzled the wisdom down but some was left on her chin and on her ample bosom, so she lost her battle with the Steampunk Vampire Barons.

  1. My first reaction was “Hmm. Looks like somebody can’t draw without photo reference.” Reminds me of Greg Land, the comic artist who’s notorious for allegedly tracing porn stills.

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