Reading, Planning, Writing and Fun Side Note: Cold Spring Friday

Reading: I picked up two books at the bookstore, basically on the strength of their covers and back cover blurbs and put them down after a few dozen pages, never intending to pick them back up. I’m still picking at Honeybee Democracy but I’m hungry for some fiction.

Got some Civil War-related comics coming to me through the public library’s inter-library loan and I’m re-reading Runaways for work. I forget how good Vaughn’s Runaways was. That was some fun comic bookin’.

Planning: Off to New York City for some belated birthdaying.

Writing: It is all cover letters and resumes and datafiles around here. I’ve got some more ideas for some funky blog posts but I’ll get to that next week.

Fun Side Note: Michael Miller is rocking the DC Super Hero Draft on G+ and it is good fun.

And you?

7 thoughts on “Reading, Planning, Writing and Fun Side Note: Cold Spring Friday

  1. Reading: Just started “This Is Your Brain On Music”, by Daniel Levitin. So far it seems interesting. Too early to tell.

    Planning: Pretty cool experiment occurred to me today. I’m kind of pumped to try it, so I might have to go in tomorrow and give it a shot. Other than that, off for vacation with the ladyfriend in a couple of weeks, which we both need desperately.

    Writing: The paper is written, has been written, is festering hopelessly on my hard drive. “Just one more experiment,” she says, she has said, for the last 4 months or more. I’ve considered poison. For me or for the boss? Hard to say…

    Seriously, though, travel safe and have a great weekend. Say hi to Janaki for me.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Reading: Finished Richard Parks’ The Heavenly Fox, which is quite good and didn’t go where I thought / feared it would. Still reading Technoir and starting to go through Ghosts of Albion. Kind of twitchy, wanting to read everything and nothing all at once.

    Planning: Getting a job application out, cleaning house for delivery of a book hutch over my dresser which will allow me to get stuff off the floor, running Kerberos Fate on Monday and, hopefully, Smallville on Tuesday.

    Writing: Finished the cover letter for a short term job. I want to write any and all of: Festival of the Larp write up, general long nattering about larps and about Paranoid and Crotchety’s larps in particular and how I think they do what they do, my zine for Alarums & Excursions (which will be my 250th), transcribing notes from one of my notebooks for conventions from Darkover in November to Lunacon in March, revising old larps, and working on new larps.

    • And application is out. Much cleanup has been done, even if that boils down to shoving things in out of the way corners. And, we’ve now seen four episodes of the Venture Brothers, which one of my players for Smallville assures me is essential viewing for running a game of Smallville. I’m still not sure what I think of it. I mean, Venture Brothers is very good, but I don’t exactly like it.

      • Thanks for the birthday wishes.

        I love Venture Brothers. It gets better and better as the seasons stretch on but I don’t see a link between Venture Brothers and Smallville at all. I don’t get it.

      • What Avram said is that, given the Smallville RPG focuses so heavily on relationships — it’s baked into the system — I should watch the Venture Brothers, because that’s all about the relationships. We are not using the Smallville setting, just the system, so the idea is for me to see the patterns, I think.

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