Marvel Team-up Draft: Namor the Sub-Mariner

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Michael Miller rocked out with another draft over on G+, this one with some funky rules and a fun concept. We each pitched a team-up book, drafting our main character, each team-up character and the villains.

Here’s mine:

Namor the Sub-Mariner and Medusa of the Inhumans versus the Sentinels
Namor announces a withdrawal from the surface world so that he can concentrate on his undersea kingdom. Some subjects think this is the beginning of a golden age for the seven seas, others believe he is only hoping to distance himself from Sue Richards.

Queen Medusa visits, setting up an embassy of water-breathing Inhumans who can withstand the great pressures of the undersea kingdom while strengthening the bonds between Atlantis and Attilan.

Meanwhile, an orbital platform of Sentinels mysteriously activates itself and taking in geo-political data, launches into the ocean, having decided that Namor is in fact the most powerful mutant threat on earth. The bulk of the sentinels attack Atlantis during a feast welcoming the Inhumans’ delegation while the others venture into the depths of the ocean for a more mysterious goal.

In a vicious battle, Medusa and Namor destroy the giant robots. The King of Atlantis scoffs when the Queen of the Inhumans suggests that the sentinel attack might be the start of more subtle troubles to come. The issue ends with the Sentinels making contact with a shadowy cabal of undersea rulers, tired of being ruled by a mutant half-breed.

Namor the Sub-Mariner and Black Panther versus Attuma
A Wakandan satellite’s orbit fails and falls into the ocean, causing tension between Wakanda and Atlantis concerning the recovery of the vibranium within. T’Challa and Namor meet at the site and have a good ole fashioned team-up brawl before Attuma shows up with his nomads, claiming the satellite. The Kings put their differences aside in order to stop Attuma.

The nomads are stopped by the Sub-Mariner and the Black Panther, all of the vibranium is recovered. The issue ends with Attuma handing over the satellite’s advanced Wakandan circuitry to the shadowy cabal from the first issue and then is torn apart by sentinels’ energy blasts, as he is a mutant.

Namor the Sub-Mariner and Dr. Doom versus Nimrod
The Latverian Embassy visits Atlantis to pay its respects and honor the undersea kingdoms. Namor holds council with the Inhuman embassy and his closest council, one of whom is a member of the shadowy cabal currently working with Sentinels to bring about Namor’s downfall.

Doom and Namor share a private meal, in which the arch-villain suggests the recent events are part of a larger conspiracy. When Doom suggests that Namor turns to his surface world allies for much needed help, Namor grows irate and leaves.

Meanwhile, a device made of pillaged parts of the Wakandan satellites is created by Sentinels, powered by a thermal vent, they download Nimrod from the future to lead their armies against Namor.

Namor the Sub-Mariner Team-up Annual
Hearing that Namor’s kingdoms are being ravaged by war, the Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four approach Namor, who sends them all away. “Leave the seven seas to us. See to your own surface world wars.”

Led by Nimrod, a sentinel from the future, undersea revolutionaries attack Namor’s military strongholds with Sentinel technology aiding them. Namor leads a valiant effort, aided by the many undersea mutants and Namor loyalists, including the Inhuman ambassadors.
In the final battle, Namor’s forces are fighting a losing effort and Namor finds himself locked in single combat with Nimrod. He is beating the robot from the future with his hands and just as he screams his battlecry,”Imperious Rex!” Nimrod fires a weapon, knocking Namor unconscious.

When he comes to, Namor find himself in a polluted sea. When he comes to the surface in Manhattan Bay, the Statue of Liberty has a Sentinel’s face and the horrible truth of Nimrod’s weapon is made clear. Namor has been teleported through time to a dark days of future past timeline.

Namor comes to the surface and is greeted by the Sue Richards of this timeline, a grizzled leader of what is left of the super hero world. “My daughter had calculated that you would arrive. Welcome, King of Atlantis.”

The last panel is Namor looking at this alternate timeline’s Sue, obviously still in love, if not even more in love with what this apocalyptic future has made her become.

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