Reading, Planning, Writing: Sudden Summer Friday

Reading: After the longest reading dry spell in my adult life, I have picked up The Risen Empire by Scott Westerfeld. It is scratching all of my science fiction itches, with fun characters, science-religions and cool sci-fi geegaws. I’m hooked.

I’m also reading through Monsterhearts but it is slow going because every few pages makes me want to game, so I have to put the book down until the sobbing subsides.

Planning: After a few weeks away from home, my domestic life is a mess. I need to clean up a bit this weekend and once that is done, I’ll head over to a friend’s house to get caught up on Game of Thrones as my reward for Getting Shit Done.

Writing: Resumes, cover letters and milestones.

And you?

10 thoughts on “Reading, Planning, Writing: Sudden Summer Friday

  1. Oh yeah, I am loving Monsterhearts sooooo much! Have fun with that, and if you’re ever down in Northern Virginia, we’d love to hook you up with a session of MH. In fact, we’re playing it again this weekend!

    I think I remember reading and enjoying The Risen Empire books… cool space combat if I remember correctly.

  2. Reading: A bunch of awesome pitches on the #superherodraft over on G+.

    Planning: How best to dodge the rain while still celebrating fifteen years of wedded bliss with my best friend.

    Writing: The beginning planning outlines, budgets, schedules for the With Great Power revision.

  3. Reading: Best Served Cold by Joe Abercombie, but not fast enough. I keep getting sidelined by things like Marvel Heroic, D&D Next, and old D&D modules.

    Planning: Gaming tonight. Not sure what we’re doing but Dungeon World and D&D Next playtesting have both been forwarded. Also, potential trip to the zoo with the family.

    Writing: A whole lot of nothing.

  4. Reading: Remainder by Tom McCarthy and Master of the Senate by Robert Caro. Very good, both, but couldn’t be more different.

    Planning: A S&W campaign on Roll20 with people too far away.

    Writing: An water-based campaign. I’ve never written one, so I’d love to get ideas from people who’ve played or been in one.

  5. I recently read Westerfeld’s Leviathan Trilogy. Young adult alt.history WWI with the Clankers (axis mecha) versus the Darwinists, and their crazy gene-modded war animals. Good stuff!

  6. I hear you on Monsterhearts.

    Reading: So, it’s Mythopoeic Season AND Hugo Season! I have a huge download package of stuff to read for the Hugos and at least three out of five Mythopoeic finalists to reread. I’m working on rereading The Night Circus, trying to figure out if it’s good, slick, or both — and if it’s good, how good it is compared to the other four finalists. This is where I do serious hairsplitting, as all the finalists are worthy. I’m also reading Savage Worlds’ Mars, which is fun. I finished The Neon Court, by Kate Griffin, third in her series of urban fantasy set in London. I’m not sure how much personality the protagonist has, but I’m still eating these up. I finished the first of the alternate history Burton & Swinburne books, The Strange Affair of Spring-Heeled Jack, which is surprisingly delightful.

    Planning: Condensing two storage units into one, and starting to process what’s left. Apartment cleaning. Figuring out June schedule. Planning for Kerberos Club session on Monday. Remembering to send out emails I owe people on various topics.

    Writing: Various emails. And I should start my zine for Alarums & Excursions.

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