Reading, Planning, Writing: A lovely Friday

Got to wake up with my lady-friend. That was nice.

Reading: Finishing up The Risen Empire as I pick up Moby Dick to finish the 100 pages for our online reading group.

Planning: There are some promising jobs to apply for this weekend. I’m going to get to it.

Writing: A bit of Houses of the Blooded fanfic bubbled up and now it is looking like a thing that will have to be finished and posted. I reckon I will eventually write one for each of the counties I wrote up a while back. There are a few unfinished blog posts that are unfinished, my favorite is a Marvel Heroic Role Playing version of Batman, Wonder Woman and Batman, as if they had been lost to the Marvel universe during WWII during a Crisis of 52 Worlds. Here are the Trinity’s Distinctions over on my Tumblr. I like the idea of playing these characters through the decades.

Other than that, it is all cover letters.

And you?

4 thoughts on “Reading, Planning, Writing: A lovely Friday

  1. Reading: World of Darkness Urban Legends
    Planning: much the same as you, though I wouldn’t call them promising as much as sufficient.
    Writing: my brain is processing through the early stages of a story that’s both alternate history and alternate theology; essentially, after the end of the 9th Crusade (I think, it may change), the warriors who fought in it (both sides) are recruited to take the fight directly to hell. Title is either “The 10th Crusade” or “The Final Crusade”. I can’t decide which yet.

  2. Reading : MySQL manuals for the job hunt and “And the Wolf Finally Came” a book about the decline of the american steel industry which is both really rewarding and really disappointing. The writing is very flowery and sometimes loses track of what it’s trying to say.

    Planning: Getting my notes together to run Masks of Nyarlathotep next week which is really exciting.

    Writing: Writing up advice on running NERO Larp as I go on this next event. It’s been hard going to get ideas down on paper but I think it’s just that i need more practice at it.

  3. (Re)Reading: John Carter of Mars. I enjoyed the movie and read the series back in high-school. I needed to get my ‘adult’ mind around the text and resolve the book & movie versions.

    Planning: Software deployments for this weekend, and data migrations for new clients. Folks bet their lives on their data quality, and Roses really smell like boo-boo. Hoping to get some time to hack&play with MongoDB out of curiosity.

    Writing: My thoughts on a 12 session Burning Wheel game we’re taking a break on (for KantCon, GenCon, some one-shots). The game was centered around a clan of dwarfs exiled to unknown lands. Heavy survivor-like issues. But for me, because I learn the hard way, I figured out why I should do a full burn on all the explicit relationships BEFORE playing.

  4. Reading: I’ve reread Catherynne Valente’s Deathless and Erin Morganstern’s Night Circus. I am now rereading Jo Walton’s Among Others. These are 3 of the 5 finalists for the Mythopoeic award for Adult Fiction. I’m doing hair splitting, as we actually have 5 entries that I believe belong on the list, at least 4 of which might have won in any other year. (The fifth, Heavenly Fox, is a novella, which means that, good as it is, it isn’t as layered as the others.) Walton’s book is also up for a Hugo. The Mythopoeic voting deadline is July 22. The Hugo deadline is July 31. I figure I can send my Mythopoeic votes in soon, but the Hugos will still be tight. I need to read just about all of the short fiction and three of the five novels after this, and the graphic novels, and…. we shall see how many categories I consider myself qualified to vote in. I am also reading Donald Thomas’s The Victorian Underworld, which is more fun than I’d have expected, history having been one of my worst subjects.

    Planning: Possibly catching Dogboy & Justine, a show created by friends of ours, running this weekend only. Dealing with stuff in storage unit — but we are at least down to one unit. My birthday on Monday.

    Writing: My zine for Alarums & Excursions.

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