Marvel Heroic Role Playing: Movie Avengers, some assembly required

With the DLC for the Marvel Heroic Role-Playing Game, you can (with the help of the basic book’s Black Widow, Iron Man and Cap) grab Hawkeye, Hulk and Thor and assemble the movie incarnation of the Avengers.

When I played Breakout with Aaron and Jim, we used the Hulk instead of Sentry as the big, threatening prisoner at the bottom of the Raft. I did this because the Sentry wasn’t meaningful to Jim and Aaron but the Hulk is filled with green-skinned gamma irradiated resonance.

Also, we used the Samuel L. Jackson version of Nick Fury because…given the choice, why wouldn’t you? Aaron had just seen the Captain America movie, so we said that Breakout was going down right after the credits rolled on that film. Luke Cage and Cap swept up bad guys as they tried to escape from the Raft. I seem to remember that Cap shut an emergency blast door with a  deft shield toss and Luke Cage ended up in a brawl in Manhattan Bay.

We only played for a few hours, so I didn’t get to whip out Carnage stalking the sewers or put them face to face with Banner down there in isolation with only his guilt and his purple pants for company.

Fun times.


NOTE: “But Judd!” you scream. “You said you were on a game-fast! You are a liar!”

Yeah, when I couldn’t make it to Dreamation because of car troubles, I got together with Jim and Aaron and played a few hours of Marvel Heroic.

7 thoughts on “Marvel Heroic Role Playing: Movie Avengers, some assembly required

  1. I have to say, Hulk would be more meaningful than Sentry to me too. I didn’t even get it when I was reading the Sentry stuff.

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