Monsterhearts Classroom Questions & Watching Teen Wolf/Vampire Diaries

With my roommate, Sarah, and I watching Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries for our trashy TV evening decompression, the urge to play Monsterhearts grows. They are fun shows, the kind of shows that have us talking to the television, “Oh no, she didn’t!” “Holy shit, what did he just do?!” “Wow, this episode is actually pretty damned good.” “You  missed that episode where he dated a total skanksaurus rex.” “There should be a drinking game where you drink every time he apologizes.”

There is a thread on SG brainstorming questions to ask players, here are mine (so far):

  • Why did you get expelled from your last school?
  • Why does the police chief know your name?
  • You saw something on TV and read something for school that combined to make for really fucked up dreams. What did you see and read?
  • When you were in nursery school, you and ____________ survived something crazy together and haven’t spoken since. What did you go through?
  • During the last track/wrestling/whatever meet, you saw a student athlete pushed to the limits of their body and will. What did they do and what is it you know about their personal life that makes this even more remarkable?
  • During the last Mischief Night you did something terrible to the student sitting next to you’s house. What did you do?
  • What book is the kid-who-sits-in-front-of-you-who-is-always-reading reading today?

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