Thinking about Pete and Aaron playing Legend of the Five Rings

My buddies Pete and Aaron both moved north to the Syracuse area. According to my southron myths only dragons, wildlings and giants are to be found beyond these lands my friends now call home.

Talking to each of them about playing L5R got me thinking about how I would set up a one-on-one game of Legend of the Five Rings and as I am not gaming at the moment, I thought I’d brainstorm here. Each player would make up a character from a different clan, with no relationship what-so-ever. After that, we’d figure out what political situation occurred that caused our characters to switch places, each visiting the other’s home province. My favorite combo is between Crab and Crane but I think any clan will do.

One would GM the other player, playing that character as a fish out of water in the other character’s home, meeting their family, friends, lovers, etc. By playing each game, we’d learn about the absent character, fleshing them out, learning about them through play. GMing could switch off each session or go from scene to scene as rhythm dictated.

What happens when the characters meet?

I have no idea! But it would be fun to play to that point and find out or maybe they never meet, maybe that is the point. Maybe these great samurai who change the face of Rokugan only communicate through letters and poetry.

Pete e-mailed me asking if I still had my L5R books and I did not, but I sent him the link for Brennan Taylor’s The Seven Thunders, an AW hack.

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