Tired and Sore (but Good) Friday

Reading: I’m on the last pages of The Risen Empire and have The Killing of Worlds, the second half of the book, ready to roll. I’m enjoying it, a fun space opera.

Planning: This weekend will have ice, stretching and mobility work. I am sore. The cover letter and resume work continues.

Writing: Banged on a cover letter all week and it is getting there, should go out in the next day or two. The Ballad of Hal Whitewyrm got an update, should be a tense couple of moments, looking forward to seeing how Hal works out in Westgate.

NOTE: I forgot that I am playing writing back-and-forth ping-pong with Drew on Google Docs. Federal Book Enforcers started out as a joke but it is becoming a really interesting science fiction story with a whole lot of what we both think about librarians spilling onto the page in sci-fi-noir spurts and starts. We each write a few hundred words at a time and then send it back and it is more fun than a joke on G+ has any right to be.

And you?

4 thoughts on “Tired and Sore (but Good) Friday

  1. Reading: The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton. Gripping space opera, set in 26th/26th century where humanity has split into the Adamists & Edenists. Edenists have an ‘affinity’ gene turning them into telepaths/empaths and they grow sentient starships & vast space station habitats. Very enjoyable so far at 88% through according to my kindle.

    Planning: Another weekend of kids birthday parties & visiting friends with kids. Plus thinking about an Exalted Marvel RPG hack that I’ll be a player in. Finished Avatar a couple of weeks back and just started watching Korra so itching to play a kick-ass female Dawn caste Solar with an animal familiar 🙂

    Writing: Write-up of a Dungeon World session I ran last weekend “The Quest for the Scroll of Anuba in the Tunnels of the Purple Worm”. And just bought a new A6 journal, post-it tags and pilot g-tec c4 pen in the hopes of getting myself organised…

    Re: The Ballad o’Hal.
    Glad to see this is still trundling along. Maxvel & Jostin are in for some pain as it looks like they’ll both be hesitating for 5 actions… Wonder if Hal will script “Strike / Set / Great Strike!” for his first round…messy!

  2. Reading: I have just read or re-read all of the graphic novels up for the Hugo. That means all of Digger, Force Multiplication for Schlock Mercenary, Leviathan for The Unwritten, Keys to the Kingdom for Locke and Key, and Rose Red for Fables. I’ve started Leviathan Awakes, one of the two novels up for the Hugo I’ve yet to read, and I took a bit of a break with Drops of God, vol 1 — a manga about wine that puts in a whole lot of different kinds of stories in the context of a competition to identify 13 wines from descriptions.

    The last part of Digger — wow. I kept going “That’s a Dogs in the VIneyard conflict! That was… okay, not escalation, but let’s call that group of reinforcements a Big Excellent belongin’.”

    I’m currently reading Alarums & Excursions #442.

    Planning: Dessert, sleep.

    Writing: My zine for Alarums & Excursions #442, typing up notes for pbems that I’m not running, moves in the pbem game that I am running.

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