A Quiet Friday

Reading: Poking at The Killing of Worlds by Scott Westerfield, hoping that I get hip deep into it before a fun fantasy novel arrives on my desk.

Planning: Getting prepped for something important and getting my disaster-area room into some kind of order this weekend.

Writing: Same as it ever was, cover letters and Marvel Heroic Milestones. I’m tinkering with a review of Dark Knight Rises and a post about how to do a post-Nolan trilogy re-boot but after the tragedy, it just feels wrong and disrespectful to geek out right at this moment. So, for now, I’m exchanging geeky e-mails with Witt and furrowing my brow.

And you?

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Friday

  1. Strangely, I just finished Westerfield’s “The Last Days” over the weekend. It was interesting, though I preferred the worldbuilding of the Uglies series.

  2. Reading: Countdown, technically a re-read, the last of the six novellas up for the Hugo. The novellas are pretty good this year. The question is whether I can start and finish both Leviathan Wakes (about 600 pages, sf, mystery, I think) and Dance of Dragons (longer than 600 pages) in time to vote for the novels. Votes are due July 31, and I still hold to the principle of not voting on a category I’ve not read all of the entries in, thank you very much. I have read all the short fiction, and all the graphic novels, and I hope Digger takes it for Best Graphic Novel.

    Once I come up for air after the Hugos, there’s all these books I want to read Right Now. Holly Black’s Black Heart. Tim Power’s Bury Me Among the Graves. Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire)’s Blackout. Chuck Wedig’s Blackbirds. Pat Rothfuss’s Name of the Wind. A dozen anthologies of really cool stuff. Don’t Read This Book. Dinocalypse. So many books.

    Planning: Continuing to wrap up the pbem I’ve run for enough years. Prepping for next week’s Kerberos Fate game. Dealing with my mother’s estate, now that my father’s is wrapped. Job hunting. Counting days until GenCon and WorldCon.

    Writing: PBEM moves, game write ups, zines.

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