We need more rain on Friday

Reading: I am reading Monsterhearts and loving it. Also, I’m reading The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp, which reads very much like a Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser by a writer who knows the gaming influences are at hand. Dungeon crawling, treasure hauling, witty banter, obscure deities and desperate sorcerers. I’m hooked.

Planning: Going to see family this weekend.

Writing: As usual lately, it is all cover letters and milestones for Marvel Heroic.

And you?

2 thoughts on “We need more rain on Friday

  1. I love Monsterhearts, too. I misread “Hammer and the Blade” and “Harp and the Blade”, which is a novel by John Myers Myers, and which I do recommend.

    Reading: Kinda bipping between Monster of the Week and Jar Jar Binks Must Die (essays by Daniel Kimmel on sf films). Hugo votes are due in about two days, and I’ve read all of the shorter fiction for the fiction categories. Given my take on when it is and isn’t appropriate to vote in a category, I’m going to have to pass on voting on the novel one, having decided after about 50 pages of Dance with Dragons that I just did not want to read any more. I will likely blather about why I’m letting a little thing like that stop me.

    Planning: Clean up, trying to figure out how to do more space optimization stuff now that Josh has a new harp that…. looked a lot smaller to both of us when it was in the exhibit hall of a harp conference surrounded by lots of other harps. Prepping for Kerberos Fate, making lists for GenCon, that sort of thing.

    Writing: Should probably write a blog post on why I really don’t feel comfortable voting on the novel category of the Hugos this year, whether or not I post it. Maybe some pbem posts.

    • Wrote, but decided against posting, the piece on why I’m not voting on the Hugo for Best Novel. Wrote and did post my current position on the Readercon situation.

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