Fantastic Friday

Autumn is upon us and I have had my most productive week in getting out flying monkeys yet. If I have a decent weekend, it will be a fantastic week.

Reading: I’m just finishing The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp. I’m liking it, though not loving it and I see where the end is leading us, the pieces are all in motion. That said, a fun summer read. I’ll post more of a review once it is done.

Planning: One flying monkey needs to be prepped for flight but other than that, no plans this weekend.

Writing: Still tinkering with a back and forth thing with Drew that is too much fun but other than that, it is just cover letters.

And you?

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday

  1. Autumn? It is supposed to be 91 degrees Fahrenheit today! But I hear ya, and it is indeed a fantastic Friday.

    I’m reading “Songs of the Dying Earth”, a compilation of short stories dedicated to Jack Vance’s Dying Earth series. It’s whimsical and exaggerated and true to its source.

    I’m also reading Elmore Leonard’s “Pagan Babies”. I admire how swiftly Leonard moves through a story, leaning on near perfect dialog and the occasional snarky comment. All time favorite: “Up in Honey’s Room”.

    And, I’m reading Don Akenson’s massive, two volume “An Irish History of Civilization”, which describes the Irish diaspora with sarcasm and historic accuracy. Fun and droll and a true treasure.

    I’m writing more (and more) contracted Ars Magica work. I think two books came out this year (Transylvania Tribunal book is looming), one book has passed editing and awaits layout, two manuscripts are turned over and await final editing, and I’m working on a first draft for another. Damn. That sounds way more productive than I think I actually am.

    And, and it’s a big AND, I’ve got the gaming group back together and we’re meeting regularly. The gang is playing a team of Guernicus Quaesitors who are conducting a census of the hundreds of Ex Miscellanea magi living in Mythic Europe.

    Life is good.

  2. Still coming off a GenCon high, and dreading what to run for BurningCon 2012.

    I miss Ars Magica, no interest locally – but I keep trying!

    Reading ‘Wanted TPB’ again, and I’ll watch the movie again. I’m prepping to run Hollowpoint and I want to use one of these to establish the agents. I’m struggling with Do I go all super-villains or Hyper-assassins?

    Planning : What to run for BW 2012??? I’d love to do a Burning Empires scenario – but in 4hours?? How to pull that off; and well!

    Writing: I’ve got to produce playtest materials for a tabletop miniatures game I’ve been designing, futzing and crying over. I love the games – but much tradition and baggage I dislike. So I worked out some stuff, stealing wholesale from Indy RPG ideas and I’ve got folks willing to playtest…but now I’m scared witless and staring at a blank screen.

  3. Reading: Currently, Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. He’d have rather put Pat Rothfuss on the cover, but publisher feared girly name would turn guys off. End result: It took many recommendations before I’d touch it because I figured a guy name meant we’d have thud and blunder and oh so gritty realism of muck and grime, which isn’t to my taste. So, publisher and I are both eedjots.

    I’m enjoying it at about a hundred pages in, but expect to put it down at intervals to read other stuff.

    Planning: Finding new homes for the books from WorldCon (we got about as many freebies as books we bought) and the CDs (much easier). General housecleaning, planning next Monday’s Kerberos Fate session, working on my zine for Alarums & Excursions. Basking in the remembered heat of ghost pepper infused booze, the loss of the Semiprozine Hugo (I volunteer for one of the nominiees), and the wins of Best Editor Long Form (Betsy Wolheim), Best Graphic Novel (Digger), Best Related Work (SF Encyclopedia, online edition, free to all), and Best Novel (Among Others). Did I mention we just got back from WorldCon?

    Writing: Just wrote up convention reports. Working on my zine for Alarums & Excursions.

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