Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: How to create your own Milestones.

I’ve been writing milestones lately and thought I’d share some thoughts on making your own.

I am really interested to read AP threads where people cash out their 10XP options on the milestones that came with the character and seeing what players write as their next milestones, see where the table is taking the Marvel Universe.

From this thread:

1XP Make it something flavorful, something the player can do a few times to get XP that will say something about the character and add to the overall vibe of the table.

This can be something as fast and easy as quip or remark or topic of conversation.

3XP Make it something that contradicts the overall milestone, something that encourages the hero to do something counter to the milestone. Sometimes noble heroes have a moral lapse or the funny hero takes something very seriously.

Or you can make this 3XP marker about the mechanics of the Power Set, using a power to create an asset for a purpose that is linked to the milestone or using a Specialty in a specific manner.

10XP This is the big choice that closes out the milestone and changes the character in some subtle way. In comics, this is the mark a writer leaves on a hero at the end of the arc, how a hero is slightly different when the trade paperback is over. Make both of the choices meaningful and interesting.

Always make milestones an action, something the player can do. Don’t make milestones other characters’ reactions to the character. If a player is stuck and not sure what to do next, they should be able to look down at their milestones and it should inspire them. Every action they make doesn’t need to be an XP generator but if a milestone is dormant for a session or two, it is time to scratch that milestone off and pick one that is meaningful.

Hope that helps.


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