Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: Thoughts on Alternate Fantastic Four’s (Issue #2)

Alternate Four’s

This idea grew beyond just a jumping off point to a Power Pack campaign, so here are other ideas for alternate Fantastic Four’s. Some are successful, putting together Fantastic Four’s blend of family, exploration of dimensions, zones and worlds, super-science and super-heroism and some just aren’t but here are some ideas. Feel free to put down our own ideas for alternate Fantastic Four’s in the comments.

Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Vision

I love the idea of the most messed up family in the Marvel Universe all in one place. Plus it sets up Dr. Doom vs. Magneto.

Captain America, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Patriot

The All-American family? Eh, I’m lukewarm on this one and the science/explorer angle just isn’t there.

Luke Cage, Jennifer Jones, Danny Rand, Rand’s long lost daughter

Heroes for Hire venture into other dimensions and figure out what family means to them and maybe Rand’s daughter is a scientist.

Storm, Black Panther, their mutant twin daughters

Move the Baxter Building to Wakanda? Why not?

Captain America, Iron Man, Winter Soldier, War Machine

This only works, to my mind, if Steve and Tony are a couple.

Hulk, Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, A-Bomb or She-Hulk

The gamma irradiated Smash Family, all being able to press over 100 tons, and all wrestling with epic anger issues. Huh.

Namor, Sue Richards, Franklin Richards, Human Torch (the Golden Age Human Torch)

Something happened that killed Johnny, Reed and Ben and turned Franklin into some kind of hulking monster. Then Namor moved in and we’ve got a super-heroic Hamlet on our hands. Man, the more I think about this one, the more I dig it.

“Alas poor Mar-Vell, I knew him well, Leech.”

Dr. Doom or maybe Silver Surfer, Franklin Richards, Valeria Richards, The Thing

I really like the idea of Doom taking over and the kids stepping in after a catastrophe takes away Sue and Reed.

Punisher, Danny Ketch, Johnny Blaze, and one survivor from the original FF family.

The original Fantastic Four were killed and they gathered a group to get vengeance.

Next Issue: Mighty Marvel Milestones!


8 thoughts on “Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: Thoughts on Alternate Fantastic Four’s (Issue #2)

  1. Heh Judd, your psyche must have a high bandwidth link to the muse of cosmic awesome as all those FF alt’s are great. My comic-fu is too weak to suggest any additional alt’s though.

    Oh, and just spotted your tweet re:Dredd in the sidebar. It’s a great film, wonderfully cast, with superb music, suitably Dredd styled adult themes and 3D effects that add to the movie rather than being an annoyance.

  2. Interesting! In our Alterna Avengers game, my wife wanted to pay Sue, so we actually put serious thought into what happened to the FF; the team is Iron Man, Hawkeye, Namor, Sue, and Hank McCoy, so there’s ample room for some pretty science-y adventures. That team less Tony or Hank is a really interesting FF, I think (Sue explicitly has no kids, and can’t have any, in this reality, another intriguing FF drift, I think).

  3. I always loved the Hulk, Ghost Rider, Wolverine & Spider-Man FF. That recently got revived (sort of) with X-23, Agent Venom, the new female Ghost Rider, and Red Hulk, which is such a messed up group.

    • That is a fun four-some, though the only problem I have with the alternate-4’s is that they often don’t have a whole lot bonding them together, making the more like a zany Defenders squad.

  4. Love the Magneto family! Here are my ideas:

    Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Doc Sampson and She-Hulk.

    Blackbolt, Medusa, Crystal and Lockjaw

    Machine Man, Vision, Jocasta, and introducing Sentinel-X

    • Nice! I had an idea for a robot-4 too but would have to put Warlock in there, only because I adored him from my New Mutant-reading youth. That said, I like your Warlock-less team better.

      And the Inhumans are always fun.

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