Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: Shipping as a campaign starter.

Shipping:  A term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. It usually refers to romantic relationships, but it can refer platonic ones as well. (Just think of “shipping” as short for “relationSHIP”.)

So, you’ve got the Marvel RPG and you and your buddies want to get playing. Problem is, no one wants to play a pre-made iconic character out of the box but, you’d like to get started fast and furious.

So, you ship any two characters, declare them as having had a child or created a being through a relationship and off you go. You base the character’s stats off of things on the two parents’ character sheets and run with it.

For an example, I am going to ship Iron Man and Captain America.

Watcher: Pick two characters, say they had a child, or created a child or made a being together and that will be the group.

Me: I want to ship Iron Man and Captain America. They realize their feelings for one another and have a child together.

Someone: How do they do that? They’re both men!

Me: They go to Reed Richards who combines their DNA and hooks them up with a brilliant, bad-ass little girl.

Other Idea Person: I want to play the child of Storm and Black Panther and the god-father is Thor.

Someone: But in the comic they broke up.

Other Idea Person: I don’t care.

Watcher: Sounds good, let’s track down those two characters and take a look at Thor too just in case there’s something there we want to grab.

And Another Idea Person: What if Dr. Strange and Nightmare had an epic battle and in the summoning and sorcery and such this Dream-child was created in some other dimension to bring about the downfall of the Sorcerer Supreme. Now that the fight is over and Nightmare was defeated, Strange brought the child to earth.

Watcher: That is wild, we’ll look at Dr. Strange and brainstorm some Power Sets for Nightmare. It’ll be work.

Imaginary Bret: I want to play Johnny Blaze’s son, someone he didn’t know he had, conceived when he was jumping over buses at state fairs in the 70’s.

Watcher: It is close enough to the campaign concept that I’m cool with it.

Other combos that come to mind: Cloak and Dagger, Sue and Namor, Hercules and Wolverine, She-Hulk and Juggernaut, Hulk and Red She-Hulk, Johnny Storm and any alien in the Marvel Universe, Cyclops and Emma Frost, Wolverine and Jean Grey, Thor and Sif, etc.

Name? I have no idea what to call her? Which name does she take? Jean Rogers-Stark? Iron Citizen? Iron Lady? Patriotech? Thoughts appreciated in comments.


Solo D8
Buddy D10
Team D6


Socially Liberal Republican

Most Famous Young Lady in the World

#3? I’m at a loss for a third distinction, so I wonder if we could let this occur in play, writing it down after the first session when the character get’s some life breathed into her. Thoughts?

Power Sets

Super Soldier Serum in her DNA (See Super-Soldier Program, CW 164)

Stark Nanotech in her Blood (See Extremis Enhancile, CW 188)


Note: I just cherry-picked from her fathers’ Specialties and gave her areas where she had surpassed dad or had learned from one of them.

  • Acrobatics Expert D8
  • Combat Master D10
  • Business Expert D8
  • Tech Expert D8
  • Science Master D10
  • Vehicle Expert D8


Out from Your Fathers’ Shadows

Note: I almost made this a Distinction but I like it as a milestone better, as it allows her to actually emerge from her fathers’ shadows and become her own adult person.

1XP When you answer questions about your famous fathers or bring them up.
3XP When you rebel against either of your fathers.
10XP When you either find your own heroic identity and declare yourself out from your father’s shadows or get out from your fathers’ shadows by becoming a super-villain.

Born Leader?

Note: Altered version of Cap’s Milestone on page CW164.

1XP When you give an order to an ally.
3XP When you take advice from an ally or utilize an ally-created asset to stress out a villain.
10XP When you either take the lead of your own super-team or follow the lead of an ally.

12 thoughts on “Marvel Heroic Role-Playing: Shipping as a campaign starter.

  1. Her name probably IS (first name) Rogers-Stark or Stark-Rogers. I’d probably go with Iron American or Iron Liberty.

    Or have her go by Detroit, after the home of the American iron machines.

  2. Name: Iron Patriot leaps immediately to mind – but that echoes a former villain, and, quite frankly, she’s not ‘iron’ in the same way. Another thought is “American Woman” after the song – a very retro song from her perspective – personally I prefer the Lenny Kravitz version. My last suggestion: Golden Sentinel, drawing on her parents’ pseudonyms of “Golden Avenger” and “Sentinel of Justice”

    Possible Distinction: Everyone’s Big Sister – echoing both the responsibility that Captain America felt for everyone and her other ‘father’s’ controlling nature.

  3. I sorta liked the idea of Patriotech – that’s a kick-ass name for a hero. Maybe not this particular hero, but for somebody in this general archetypal vein.

    On another note, is there a reason she can’t be called Captain Iron or Captain Repulsor or something with Captain in it? We all didn’t just skip over the use of “Captain” because she’s a woman, did we?

  4. If she’s stepping out from her parents shadow, I’d guess she’d want a handle that had nothing to do with her parents names. Something iconic, and independent. (And forgive me if I’m naming a current character in the pantheon, i stopped collecting spandex books when they were still $1.25) Howabout.. Hyperion? Velocity? Harbinger? Perfect? Alpha? The Star?

    The last distinction, whatever it ends up being, will probably impact the name.

    • That’s a good point, Drew. The neat trick would be to go meta and say she’s giving herself a name that is out-of-shadow, but somehow her psyche still pulls in a hint we can recognize as tied to both Cap & Tony. What is a moniker that will seem fully independent on the surface but in a subtle way still ties to an iconic aspect of both her fathers?

      I have an idea. Call her “Shot”.

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