Conan the King: ideas on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to Conan

From this article:

“After the original seminal movie, all that came after looked silly to me,” Morgan said. “Robert E. Howard’s mythology and some great philosophy from Nietzsche to Atilla the Hun was layered in the original film. People say, he didn’t speak for the first 20 minutes of the film, but that was calculated in depicting this man who takes control of life with his own hand. This movie picks up Conan where Arnold is now in his life, and we will be able to use the fact that he has aged in this story. I love the property of Conan so much that I wouldn’t touch it unless we came up with something worthy. We think this is a worthy successor to the original film. Think of this as Conan’s Unforgiven.”

  • Conan has fashioned his throne of Aquilonia as a throne carved out of the Tree of Woe.
  • He’s talking to his daughter and tells her the secret of the Riddle of Steel as told to him by Thulsa Doom.
  • Maybe the movie begins with his wife asking, “Conan, what is best in life?” but he doesn’t know anymore, can’t tell her. Is it another mid-life crisis movie, The Incredibles ala Sword and Sorcery? Is that too lazy?
  • His daughter returns from an adventure having acquired the gem he stole from Thulsa’s tower back in the day and she’s put it on a young man she fancies.
  • Seeing the old gem that he once put around Valeria’s neck shocks him out of his great middle-age melancholy. He stops a demonic assassin in his bed-chamber, saving his queen and saying, “Do you want to live forever?” She saves him right back and says, “Yes, damn right, I do.”


Would we sell haga to slayers such as you?

3 thoughts on “Conan the King: ideas on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to Conan

  1. + The return of Subothai, slowly dying from years of ill living, who does not wish to die like an old man trembling under a blanket.

    + Picts. Swarms of Picts in a hot jungle riddled with ruins.

    + The Elephant Tower storyline, perhaps. That too dealt with a being so old and lost in painful reverie.

    + Crom answers a prayer, at last.

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