Links from the Internets: Feminist Twitter Hashtags, Nordic LARP, Hogwarts ala Monsterhearts, Finishing Games and Hawguy vs. Sandy

Feminist Hashtags

Women’s role in the gaming industry is part of a greater conversation about gender roles and stereotypes in the scientific, techie and geek spheres. These fields are often said to be dominated by men. But are they really?

As the discussion continued, participants organized the tweets with the #1ReasonWhy hashtag. Grievances were aired, issues were discussed, and the tag started getting more and more attention.

I loved how the hashtag #1reasonmentors grew out of this conversation but had to wince as the coverage, over several news sources always name-checked Luke but rarely named the hashtag’s creator, Filamena Young, who turned a well-meaning and earnest question into a valuable and eye-opening public conversation. It is almost as if the media all around us is trained to turn narratives into stories about men.

Naaah. /sarcasm

My So-Called LARP: learning to love in a world without men

Over the course of the game, I reconnected with an old friend, betrayed her trust, and gained it again during a crisis. I forged a close but suspicious bond with a fellow practitioner of realpolitik: she was a member of a survivalist group critical of government policy; I was a career soldier who worried the US was failing. I wanted her respect, and every time the game’s events put a wall between us, I tried to overcome it. But when the game ended, it all disappeared. She wasn’t a well-armed anarcho-syndicalist, and I wasn’t a disillusioned officer. Where did that leave us? When we said something to each other, how did we bridge the gap between who we really were and who we’d just pretended to be?

Hogwarts ala Monsterhearts

OK, I’mma run this at Dreamation.

Looking forward to that, Matt!

Bret talks about game design.

Tempo is a book on decision-making and how our built in sense of narrative affects our choices. The part I’m on now discusses what Rao calls the “deep story” which I think applies particularly well to long-term creative projects. The way the project flows is something like this:

– Initial burst of energy on the project
– Gradual decrease in energy and resources over time as it’s expended on the project
– Final push, do-or-die moment

It’s a familiar process for me with regards to my work on The Final Girl and Cold Soldier, but what I found interesting about Rao’s take on it is that final step.

Hawkguy vs. Hurricane Sandy

Originally, Marvel was planning to reveal a brand new villain in the pages of issue 7 of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s amazing “Hawkeye” series, but in light of the destruction and devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the company decided to push back its regularly scheduled programming to bring a special hurricane relief-themed issue.

In which one of my favorite current comic books helps with Sandy Relief.

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